Sunday, November 22, 2020

Halfway through November already...the end of 2020 is so close!

We've been plodding along like pretty much everyone else...just trying to make the best of what remains of 2020. Lucy finished a month of physical therapy for her foot only to have her pain increase during certain exercises. The PT thought she wasn't benefiting from it so we've stopped going for now, with just some light exercises to do at home.

Our next step was to have a custom orthotic fitted for her. That should be back in a few weeks.

The only silver lining  is that this is happening when all sports have been cancelled because of skyrocking covid numbers so at least I don't have to be the one who is to blame for keeping her out of sports!

Our weather seems to be bipolar lately, swinging from freezing cold to fairly warm to windy/stormy. We had a tornado watch and it got dark and ominous so quickly that Kate and I grabbed the pets and holed up in the basement for a bit. Len and Lucy were at physical therapy so missed a good bit of it. This was taken at a little before 4pm.
On one particularly warm day, the girls grabbed some dish soap and the hose to make a slippery trampoline during their lunch/recess time.

Other than the strong winds, the weather has been great for being outside. Brinkley and I stole away for an hour on Friday.
The girls had their annual eye exam and a little lesson from the doctor about what the inside of their eyes look like.

Kate got glasses this time, just for reading and screen time, as she has been complaining of headaches at the end of the day. We added the blue light filter to them which will help a lot. Fortunately, Lucy's glasses from last year already had the blue light filter on them.
We've not been able to do any in-person Honeycomb service projects but we were able to participate in one at home last week. We packed up some meals-to-go that will be delivered to Chicago families in need.

Spearheaded by Ayanna's mom who coordinated it all with other families in the CI classes, nearly 100 meals were provided from our area.

The star charts I created last month are still going well into this month. Kate finished her November chart already and her treat this time was to pick out a craft to work on together. We picked out a few things to create a holiday door ornament. A little hot glue and some ribbon and viola!

Len's list of "things to get accomplished" seems never-ending. The girls were joking that he needed a star chart as well so I made him one. He got right to work completing it today which made us all laugh that he will get to go "pick out a craft with mommy" too!

Burning our large brush pile wasn't on the list but today was finally a low-wind day so he took advantage. It burned hot and fast, having been piled up there for most of the summer.

For Veteran's Day, the girls' class decided they really wanted to make their next writing assignment about a veteran. Kids who did not have family or friend in the military joined up with classmates who did so Hayden joined up with Kate to interview Kate's cousin Nick and Keesen joined up with Lucy to interview my brother Terry. It was very cool to watch them prepare their questions and then handle the zoom calls, complete with screen sharing, whilst interviewing their subjects.

Bells practice continues, as does the never-ending goal of teaching Lucy to read notes. They just don't seem to stick in her brain yet!

And finally, YiaYia and Pappou surprised us with a box of homemade baklava yesterday! We're eating some now and saving the rest of Thanksgiving dessert! So very, very yummy.

Friday, November 13, 2020

Family Photo Shoot 2020

 Once again, AnnMarie with Cianne Mitchell Photography has knocked it out of the park with our family photos. She has a way of capturing us, especially the girls, that I look forward to seeing every year--it's my early Christmas present! Here are my favorites!


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