Monday, November 12, 2018

Honoring Veterans

Friday was a celebration at the girls' school for veterans and service members who serve and defend our community (police, fire, etc). Kate and Lucy wore their scout uniforms and served as part of the color guard.

The ceremony is generally held outside around the school's flagpole but it had snowed Thursday night and was still snowing on Friday morning with wind chills in the 20s so into the gym everyone went.

After the celebrations, the main student body went back to class and the veterans were treated to breakfast served by the student council.

 Kate wore her student council shirt under her scout uniform.

My family has a long history of service in the armed forces from my grandfather to my dad, my brother and now his son Nick. Happy Veteran's Day and thank you for your service!

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Photo Shoot 2018

Our lovely friend, AnnMarie, photographed our little family again this year. She has such a great eye for composition and I think our photos turned out lovely! You can find more of her work at http://www.ciannemitchell.com/.

Her hair cracks me up! I decided that this year I was not going to stress about the clothes or the hair. I wanted them both to be comfortable and enjoy the shoot. Kate, in particular, is incredibly sensitive about her clothing and hair lately. I was frankly surprised that she wore the jeans and Lucy's jacket. My only caveat on clothing was no sweatpants (which is Kate's staple uniform these days). She managed to find some stretchy, non-itchy jeans in Lucy's closet that were so big they required a belt to keep them up and then Lucy suggested the jacket to round out the look (she's going to be the family stylist I suspect). Kate's hair is her way of showing independence and defiance of the norm so I just went with it. It's only hair after all. And in the end, it totally fit her to a tee.

This is Kate 2018 in all her glory. Watch out World.

I especially love how AnnMarie captures their personalities. Lucy is our unabashed joker in the family. She lives to make everyone laugh and will not stop until she is successful.
But she does have a death-stare that is miles long. You don't want to be on the receiving end of this when she is truly mad. This look says, "I will knock you into next week if you cross me....and oh yeah, I am THE MOST AGGRIEVED CHILD YOU'VE EVER MET, (don't let the sweet heart earrings fool you)."

I am so often the family photographer so it is wonderful to have photos of me with the girls that are not only in focus but are truly works of art. Len will be the first to admit that his photography skills need some development...as Lucy would say, "He's such a good boy in other ways Mom!"

I love the looks on the girls' faces when he picked them up!

Lucy was making gagging sounds during our kiss....such a romantic she is.

A very rare photograph of just the two of us.

Notice the long stick Lucy is holding...it will be relevant later.

Our venue this year was the Fox River Marina at sunset. It was so beautiful. As the sun sank below the tree line we were able to move nearer the water so the glare would be less intense. There was a boat coming in just as we were trying to shoot. The two guys were probably more than a little tipsy and were having trouble maneuvering their boat onto the trailer. One guy yelled out, "I bet you'd like our sweet boat in your shot! It will make it real!". After a less than enthusiastic response from all of us, he finally managed to get out of the background. You'd never guess from these pristine, serene shots that there was quite a bit of commotion happening behind the scenes!

Lucy really did not want to part with this stick. She was intent upon destruction...either of the stick or whatever she was banging it against. She has the personality that she needs something to fiddle with most of the time so it was fitting that it appear in our photos. It made me remember our very first photo shoot with the girls  when neither of them would part with the things they were holding. Lucy had a ball and various stuffed animals, Kate had a brush, a car and a dolly. It is such a lovely touchstone to look back on and shows their personalities at the time. This stick will again serve as a time capsule of Lucy's development. Notice how much shorter it is than in the previous photos??

We may appear to be toasty and warm in these photos but it was actually quite chilly and windy during the shoot. As the sun went down, it got even chillier. We all had long johns on under our outfits so we wouldn't be bulked up in coats but by the time this picture was taken, our hands were frozen and the girls were starting to get a bit cranky. AnnMarie to the rescue with a blanket and now this is one of my favorite shots.


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