Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Lucy's first soccer game

Lucy had her very first team game on Saturday. She started practice after school 2 weeks ago and is quite the happy camper about it all. Her team's name is the Bobwhites.

They had to arrive 30 minutes early for warmup. I had Lucy wearing a mouth guard for most of the game but by the end she was having trouble getting enough air into her lungs so I had her take it out. It's just much too big for her mouth with all the other stuff she has going on in there!

Then the game was on. All the players are 2nd and 3rd graders. Lucy's first position was defense. She was not so happy about that as it turned out that the ball rarely made it to their end of the field.

Soccer parents on the sidelines, coffee in hand. It was a rather chilly morning, hovering in the mid-50s.
Even Len needed a jacket!
Finally on offense! Lucy's team is all in red. The other team had not received their jerseys yet so they are a mix of pink, white and purple.

Some serious blocking going on.

The last position she played at the end of the game was as goalie.

 She finally got a bit of action on defense!
But most of her time on defense was spent like this.
Game over and they won! Bobwhites: 5  Kingfishers: 0

And I am now officially a Soccer Mom. I have the van, the soccer kid, the sideline chairs and the hot cup of tea.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Girls Night Out

I met Anne through our neighborhood book club last year. We hit it off immediately and I could tell that she was someone with whom I had a lot in common. We played tennis this summer and got to know each other a bit better (as only sweating and missing lobbed balls can make you do). When she put out the challenge on FB for your favorite Chris Rock quote, I was game and offered my favorite, "All I need is a crease!" Turns out she was the proud holder of two tickets to his Chicago sold out tour, row DD, 4 rows from the stage! And I won the extra ticket! Off we went last night and he did not disappoint! Except for the no phones rule...we had to have our phones locked up as we entered the theatre so I didn't get any pics from inside.

Waiting to go inside!

The checkpoint to lock up our phones and pass through the security wanding.

It was an awesome show with a great friend!

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Labor Day in Madison

Craving a change of scenery, I planned a short overnight trip to "anywhere but here". With a less than 3 hour drive window in mind, I drew a radius on the map and landed on Madison, WI. As happy luck would have it, there was a food festival that weekend and we would be able to meet up with Len's cousins for a visit! We set off early Saturday morning and arrived famished and ready for brunch.

Kate wasn't sure if she would like Horchata so they gave her a taste in a nifty glass. (She didn't fancy the milk).
I rather enjoyed my spicy Bloody Mary....with a beer chaser.

 After brunch we strolled up the hill to take a tour of Wisconsin's State Capitol.
This fossil on the steps leading to the House Chamber is, according to our guide, the most photographed item in the Capitol.
The House Chamber.

The entrance to the State Supreme Court...the ubiquitous badger hovering above all.

Inside the Senate Chamber.

And lastly, inside the Governor's room...talk about gilding the lilly! So much gold leaf!

Rubbing the badger's nose for luck.

We climbed to the top of the Capitol for a view of the city. The tents below are from the Taste of Madison which surrounded the Capitol on all sides.

After our tour, we headed down to the Taste which was just opening up to meet up with Len's cousin Michael and his wife Tara. Lots of small tastes were imbibed!

 Cheese curds, naturally. When in Wisconsin...
Kale that Kate plucked out of the Capitol garden....
It's best not to ask...

Lucy and Michael got into a "who can squat longer" contest.
K & L did clapping games while Lucy squatted to up the ante. She won btw.
Free ride.
If one sister gets a free ride, the other will find a way to have one too.
Chocolate covered cheesecake.

After many more small bites, it was heading on towards late afternoon and the rain was starting to fall. We checked in to our hotel a few blocks away and made good use of the indoor pool for an hour or so.

Our view of the lake...there had been a lovely wedding party on the roof of the convention center below but the rain drove everyone inside.
All cleaned up after swimming, we headed down the street for supper at a local Italian place. Our walk back at night was pretty.

Sunday morning found us rested and ready for the next adventure on a bright, sunshiny day. Kate and Lucy watched the water skiers on the ski ramp while Len and I packed up.
After breakfast we took a 2 mile walk around the city to see the sights. Kate was thrilled to have parking meters to check every few feet. She managed to find 13 cents.
Then we packed up and headed west to the Cave of the Mounds, a natural cave in the hills of Wisconsin. As we headed underground, we learned all about stalagtites and stalagmites. It takes 100 years for a stalagtite to grow 1 inch!

A growing part of the cave will look waxy and damp.

 These stalagtites are hundreds of years old.

The tips of these stalagtites were broken off when a flood of water came through these caves years ago.
 An underground pond.
The caves get super narrow and low the farther in you go.

After our tour, we headed out to the fossil digging area to see if we would get lucky.
 The girls found a few crystals and fossils. This was Kate's find, including a tooth.
Lucy made a picture of her finds, including the ginko tree leaves she found. L=leaf, F=fossil, P=penny, C=crystal, T=tooth.

Before the drive home, we stopped for lunch and a bit of playtime at a local park.
GaGa ball is popular now. The object is to hit the ball with your fist and hit your opponent somewhere below the waist. You can only hit the ball once and then your opponent gets a turn to tag you with the ball.

Bella fared well while we were gone but she was very happy to see us and spent most of the next day lounging in whatever room there was a person. She's taken a liking to sleeping on Bernard on Kate's bed lately.


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