Thursday, May 8, 2008

The journey is underway

We started our journey for our daughter in China in January 2007. Our official Log-in-Date (LID) for China is 4/27/07. When we began the wait for China was about 15-18 months. By December 2007 the wait had grown to over 2 years. We decided that we would like to have two children so we began paperwork to adopt from Nepal as well. Our paperwork went to Nepal on February 28, 2008. Now we are waiting for Nepal to reopen and hopefully we will travel to Nepal this year and China next year. And the waiting continues endlessly....

Our China adoption agency is CCAI (http://www.chinesechildren.org/) and our Nepal adoption agency is Adoptions Forever (http://www.adoptionsforever.org/). Our home study agency is Forever Families (http://www.ffasva.org/).


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