Thursday, July 29, 2010

Shots and Sleep

Kate had her very first vaccination shot today.  It was for DTP and she sailed through it.  In a bit of delayed reaction, she cried out briefly after the needle was already out.  She did bleed quite a bit though...filled up the bandaid.  We are doing a modified vaccination schedule with one shot being given every 2 months instead of a bunch of shots at each checkup.  Since she's not in daycare and is still nursing she is at lower risk for catching some of the diseases before she's fully caught up with vaccines.

Can we talk about sleep?  Or really, the lack thereof in this house?  I guess it's a combination of all that travel, learning to roll over, trying to get up to crawl, and teething but there has been little sleep happening here.  Since we've gotten home she goes down at night with ease and then around 10:30pm all hell breaks lose.  Seems she's hungry.  I just cannot seem to keep enough food in her during the day.  Remember all the praise I heaped on the addition of rice cereal?  Yeah.  Over-rated.  That last approximately two nights. 

Last night she was up at 11pm and drank a bottle.  Then at 12:45am she woke up and stayed up until 4am.  Oh, not consecutively.  In 15 minute increments.  Which gave me just enough time to go back to bed before she would start crying again.  And not just the unh, unh UNH that she normally does when waking up and trying to get back to sleep.  No.  This was full-on hysterics.  Tears.  Thrashing about.  Rolling over.  Getting legs stuck between the bars on the crib.  I think she finally just wore herself out by 4am.  Of course I was fully awake and resigned to being up for the rest of the day but I think I finally drifted off around 5:30am only to wake back up at 7am to get her up for the day. 

Naptime was no better.  This morning I spent 1 1/2 hours listening to her cry and going in to soothe and comfort for what should have been a 2 hour nap.  We started our afternoon nap routine a bit late since we had to go get the shot but it still took an hour to get her down for that one. 

Len and I are trying to stay ahead of the curve by taking 2 day shifts.  Whoever has night duty (I had last night and will go again tonight) will sleep in the guest room with the monitor.  Len is taking the weekend which is great because my friend Maggie and her husband Steve will be here visiting from DC and I'd really like the chance to visit and catch up without falling over into my supper.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wrap up of FL pics

Just a quick wrap up of the photos from our trip to FL.  We spent most of our time on the beach but in order to get some pool time we would scope out the hotels for the best pools to crash.  We hit 4 hotel pools in all (which explains why all the pool photos look slightly different!) and finally found a favorite to keep going to on the last few days.  It had a great wade-in section so we could sit with her in the water and she could splash around on her own.  She is certainly a water-baby!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Six (and a half) month checkup

We're all back together again in Chicago.  Len was in the UK last week for the Farnborough Air Show while Kate and I wrapped up our month in FL with my mom in Daytona.  Kate was a model baby on the flight home--charming all the passengers around her by gurgling, smiling and then sleeping through most of the flight.  Her good spirits lasted until late in the afternoon when she had a complete meltdown and refused to go to Daddy, much to his dismay.  We ended up putting her to bed at 5:30pm and all has been well since, at least in the Daddy department.  Her schedule is still not so much a schedule as a moving target that I am aiming at fruitlessly.

Today was her belated 6 month checkup which she passed with flying colors.  Here are her new stats:

Weight: 16lbs, 14oz (was 12lb, 8oz on May 18)
Length: 25 1/2" (was 23 1/2")
Head circumference: 41cm (was 39cm)

She did not get her first vaccination shot today as they had not gotten the shipment in.  We will call tomorrow to see if it came in so we can get that over with.  Her first shot will either be the DPT or Hib and then she'll get one shot every 2 months until she is caught up. 

She is rolling over from front to back quite regularly since yesterday and makes a game of rolling onto her back and looking expectantly at you to roll her back so she can do it again.  We spend up to 30 minutes doing this now.  At the time I took this video, she was doing it intermittently and only when I didn't have the camera on!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

More FL fun!

We spent an afternoon at the Sugar Mill Botanical Garden in Port Orange. This oak tree was around to shelter the Confederate Army!
We are spending quite a bit of time at the pool and the beach as it is super hot here every day.
Most days I wrap her in the Moby and we walk down the beach until we find a tidal pool to play in.
Kate has learned to splash in the tidal pools and is now bringing that practice home to her baths.
MeMe and Papa came to visit for an afternoon.  MeMe helped Kate have some lunch.
Later that night Kate snacked on my toes...
Nana is having a lot of time to love and snuggle with her newest grand-daughter!
And I'm having some good time with my Mama!
Only a few more days left!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Nice, but not at 3am

Uhnnnhh.  Uhnnh.  UHHHNNNNHHHH!

I turn over and look the clock.  1:45am.  A quick calculation in my fogged state reveals that Kate has been asleep for 6 hours.  Right on time that girl is.  I stumble into her room and she nurses for 30 minutes.  Back in the crib.  I crawl back into bed.

Uhnh.  Uhnnh.  Slurp, slurp.  Uhnnh..........UHHHHNNNNHHHH!!

I grab the clock again.  2:30am.  Seriously?

A quick check reveals her on her tummy but writhed up in a ball--she needs to get that fourth burp out apparently.  Without picking her up I rub her back and simultaneously shake her hiney and out it comes.  She falls back asleep.

I'm again back in bed, just getting covers pulled up and settling in when...

Slurp, slurp, slurp.  Uhnh.  Uhnh.  Uhhhhnnnnnhhhhhn. 

I wait her out to see if she can work it out on her own.

Uhnnnnnhhhhnnnnn,  UHHUUUNNNHHHNNN! 


Ok, this is a new sound.  I look at the clock.  3am.

This child is going to make me lose my shit I mutter as I climb out of bed again. 

I creep in to see what the problem is this time and there she is, flat on her back, beaming from ear to ear as soon as she sees me. 

She has learned to flip over but alas, not to flip back.  She lay there like an overturned turtle, a bit startled but pleased as punch with herself. 

I picked her up, rocked her a bit and lay her back down on her tummy.  She immediately jackknifed and started working on her latest trick.  Sadly, this time she only succeeded in getting her head wedged into the corner of the crib whereupon the grunting and thrashing about commenced.  She lifted her head, saw me and started to discuss this newest milestone she was working on and although I was thrilled for her, I was more thrilled at the thought of getting more than 4 hours of sleep. 

So off we go to my bed where I fell asleep next to her, listening to her burbling and chortling, reveling in her newest accomplishment.  She eventually finished her recounting of events, snuggled into my side and fell asleep until 6:30am.

We celebrated at a more decent hour with pears in our rice cereal.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Florida in pictures

Still here in FL (Len back home sadly).  Enjoy the photo montage.

Kate on the plane
 Packing light!
A visit to Evelyn's (Len's mom's) grave
Visiting with BJ in Ocala
Kelly's daughter Karlie entertained Kate with many games of PeekABoo!
Kate was in love with Kelly
Our nephews, Stefan and Joey, kept Kate entertained in and out of the pool.
Let's hope Kate's feet never get as large as Kelly's son Taylor's.
Len's sister Kathy and her boys chillin' on the sofa.
A very hot day at Fort Mantanzas.
Cousins in the pool!
One of those rare naptime shots--have I mentioned that Kate's sleeping schedule is ALL KINDS OF SCREWED UP?!
Feeding time at the zoo!  Kate has really taken to eating from a spoon--really not surprising considering who her parents are.  I know she'll be asking why it's not seasoned better very soon...
Beach time
 With Nana at Columbia Restaurant in St. Augustine.
An annual tradition, we all headed to Barnacle Bills for seafood.  Mama and Daddy got to eat a full, uninterrupted meal thanks to the many friends who wanted to hold Kate.
 Kate loved sitting on Patty's lap for the afternoon.
Len doing one of his favorite things
One of my college roomates joined us for one day.  She quickly cuddled up with Pierre, Miss Betty's dog.
My best friend from high school, Joy, came down for the day as well.
Finally on to Daytona Beach to stay with my mom for two weeks.  We've been having a grand time giving Kate new foods to try.  So far we've added squash and green beans to the mix with great results.
We fill our days with museums, beach and pool time!
We are missing Daddy who is back home at work.  boo!


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