Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Doctor Checkup for both girls

Today was Lucy's first visit with our regular pediatrician, Dr. Ettner. Len came with me to make it easier since we had both girls to wrangle.  Lucy did quite well and didn't cry at all until she got a shot. Kate escaped getting one this month. She's either sick or teething or both but in general wasn't feeling well so we skipped it this month. She appears to be getting all four incisors at the same time...

Here are the updated stats for the girls with some caveats.

1. For the first time they were weighed on a regular scale that you stand on.
2. They were also measured for height on this scale so I will show their recumbent length as well since there is a measurable (hah!) difference and that's how they've been measured in the past..
3. Lucy's past measurements were at a different office with clothes on...here they had on dry diapers only.
4. As always, their last measurements will be in parenthesis.

So here goes:

Kate (last measurements were 2 months ago)
Height: 31" standing
Length: 33 1/4" (33 1/4")
Weight: 24 1/4 lb (23 lb 10 oz)
Head: 45 cm (45 cm)

Lucy (last measurements were 3 weeks ago)
Height: 32 1/2" standing
Length: 34 1/4" (33")
Weight:  25 lb (24 lb 14 oz)
Head: 46 cm (46 cm)

Not a lot of change as you can see. I imagine it's mostly attributable to the giardia. They are both still pooping like fiends and Lucy is still eating a lot. Kate is not eating as much but I think that could be because her teeth/gums are hurting. I counted 8 poopy diaper changes today alone with Lucy leading the count by 5. NOT normal. Dr. Ettner prescribed an OTC probiotic to see if that has any effect this week. If not, we'll probably have to retreat for giardia.

Kate's ear was a bit red inside and had a little fluid but didn't need antibiotics. Lucy's ears are still clear.

Otherwise, all was well with both of them. They each got a clementine on the way out which Lucy proceeded to polish off as soon as we got home. Kate said, "too tart, give it to Lucy". She ate a big bowl of steamed broccoli stems instead. Polar opposites...

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