Thursday, November 3, 2011

First Speech Therapy Session

Yesterday was Lucy's first session with the speech therapist at Children's Hospital. It turns out that we managed to get approved for weekly one hour sessions at Children's so we've got appointments scheduled through the end of the year already and a nanny lined up for Kate as well.

The first session consisted of goal-setting as well as the therapist (Annie) getting to know Lucy's sounds and how to work me into the therapy so that attachment remains with me and not with Annie. Lucy did quite well today considering she has the attention span of a 2 year old...

She made the "P" and "H" sounds for the first time as well as just starting to vocalize more than she usually does at home. Not sure if she's staying quieter at home because Kate is such a chatterbox or because I don't get to sit with just her for a solid hour and work on sounds. Either way, this weekly time will be good for both of us.  In addition, we should be getting on the schedule for the Early Intervention therapist soon which will be 2 more sessions/month for 90 minutes each time.

We're to work on sounds at home as well as having her chew on a Chewy Tube to help with her jaw strength and tongue movement. Annie was nice enough to give me an extra one for Kate so we can avoid the usual fighting. I was quite popular when I got home from therapy today and handed each girl their present--they chewed away while I got supper ready for them.  It helps that Kate is cutting some new teeth--she was all over that chewie toy (sounds like I've got a puppy...). Lucy was not quite as enamored with it until she threw it on the floor and Kate picked it up to chew on it as well.  Suddenly, Lucy NEEDED to have her chewie back pronto! Gotta love sibling rivalry.

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