Friday, November 18, 2011

Hearing Test and a visit with the ENT

Lucy's appointment for her hearing test and checkup with Dr. Rastatter, the ENT doc at Children's, was this morning. Prior to being called into the room for the hearing test Lucy and Kate had a good time in the waiting room.
The hearing test consisted of Lucy sitting on my lap, facing a lab tech who was holding various things designed to keep Lucy focused on her. Another tech was in a sound booth behind dark glass and she operated the sounds. First she started off by speaking to Lucy through one of 2 speakers situated on either side and slightly behind Lucy. The idea was for Lucy to turn her head towards the sound. When she did, a box with a stuffed animal would light up near the speaker and then go off. After a few times with the tech's voice, there were various sounds in tones/volume from high to low. After this she had a "headband" placed on the bones around her ears for a conductive hearing test. 

The results: she had normal hearing in most ranges but failed in two areas, both of which were lower tones. The last test in this room was a picture taken inside her ear to measure the level of fluid. The graph should look like an inverted V but with Lucy it was pretty much flat, indicating fluid.

We then waited in a room for the doc to come in. The girls took turns driving the toy on the wall and climbing in and out of the exam chair.
Dr. Rastatter came in to do a visual check of her eardrum. This was not a popular test with Lucy AT ALL.
 In spite of all Lucy's screaming, when they were done Kate said, "Kate's turn!" and wanted to climb into the chair.
He confirmed that Lucy has a lot of fluid build-up in her ears and will need ear tubes. She is scheduled to get those in on December 1...the day she turns two. Not exactly a great birthday present huh?

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