Saturday, November 12, 2011

Love Letter, Month 22

Dear Kate,

You are twenty-two months old today and in this month we have gone from wearing this outside to play
to wearing this
You love the new addition of accessories though and pretty much every day you will root through the bottom drawer where we keep mittens, hats, and scarves with which to bedeck yourself.
You may notice that not only do you have on a faux fur hat but you also have a bow in your hair peeking out from under the hat. Just recently you discovered the headbands.
Notice that you and Lucy are climbing on the box together. Your entire day consists of you both trading who is making up whatever game you both will do. In this instance, Lucy wanted to sit on the box so, naturally, you did too. Sometimes you will both just run around me in a circle before landing on my back for a hug only to take off running again.

You usually instigate the "hiding" game where you tell me to hide, then you both hide by leaning up against the hall wall. Next, you both run down the hall to find me in the kitchen where I jump out to find you. Lots of shrieking happens too. You both find it endlessly entertaining. 

You both are playing much better together. Although you are still the aggressive one, often taking her toys or pushing her around, your aggression has become more subtle in an attempt to avoid another time-out. I will look up to find you leaning into Lucy until she falls down or kissing her very forcefully. Love as Assault does not count as fondness, my dear. Most of the time though, you two play well together.
You watched tv for the first time this month. Yes, you have watched small portions of tv while I've trimmed your nails but this was a set, sit down for 15 minutes of Sesame Street, not catch the 3 minutes of whatever's on Nick Jr. You liked watching but thankfully were not upset when it was time to turn it off and do something else.
You are becoming quite the helper, even singing the clean-up songs when it starts to get messy and you want to clean up the room. I will hear...

Clean up, it's time to clean up!
Clean up, it's time to clean up!
Clean up, it's time to clean up, it's time to clean up!

Or this version:

Clean up, clean up
Everybody, Everywhere
Clean up, clean up
Everybody do their share.

You learned this in Wiggleworms class where you are very helpful handing Ms. Julie the leaves from the Fall song.
It's especially helpful when it's time for us to leave the house. I announce that we're leaving and you run to the shoe tray and retrieve everyone's shoes. On this particular day we were taking Daddy to the train on our way to playtime. I came out to the living room to find you had gathered everyone's sneakers, kept them together and put them all on the rug so we could sit down to put them on.
When we got home later that day I needed to take Lucy in for a diaper change pronto and I just left all of our shoes and socks in the doorway. I came back to find they had all been placed in the shoe tray and you were happily inspecting your handiwork.
Just as we did last year, we went to a farm to celebrate the coming of Fall. This year you had a lot more fun riding the tractor train and eating apple cider donuts but your favorite part by far was the petting area.
Halloween was this month and you dressed up in the Chinese dress we got in Guangzhou. You loved wearing it to Wiggleworms class.
Your Yia Yia and Pappou visited for Halloween and brought you, among other things, the blue "monser sippers" that you have been seeing in several of the photos for this month. You wear them every chance you get.
I have realized this month that you are a pretty easy baby. The napping situation could be better (a LOT better in fact) but by and large, you are a sunny, happy, smart, easy-going little girl. 

I look forward to seeing your happy face every morning and to singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star with you every night as you lay in your crib with night-night kitty. I love watching your face when you are playing.
Your biggest gift to me is realizing what a special time childhood is. Everything is new and wonderful and exciting...learning to jump, tasting kiwi, feeling the wind, seeing an airplane, watching a road crew fix a pothole, tracing your foot with chalk, and discovering that you like your new sister after all.


Paivi said...

A smart cookie, Kate! Would you like to come sort out the shoes at our house?

Elizabeth said...

I love these letters you write to the girls. What a keepsake they will be for them. A record of their growth and development, your family events and your love for them. Thank you for sharing them with all of us. Keep writing them.


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