Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving weekend in pictures

Meme and Papa are leaving this morning and we are very sad. The girls became quickly attached to having two more people shower love and attention on them. We had a wonderful visit as you will soon see!

Here are a few more shots from Thanksgiving day. I made individual pumpkin ramekins for the girls to have.
The day after Thanksgiving was beautiful and sunny so we headed to the Christkindle Market at Daley Plaza to see Santa. Kate saw him there last year and was singularly unimpressed. This year was not much better...here we are waiting in line for Santa.
 Mrs. Santa Claus let us in and the girls were quite happy with the tree and the decorations.
 And then....Santa. Kate looked dubious the whole time but Lucy...well, to say she was unhappy would be an understatement.
It looks like she should be screaming bloody murder right? Except it was a completely soundless scream. Her face froze in this arrangement for the few seconds it took to take the picture and then Len scooped her up. She recovered amazingly quickly and accepted a small blinky clip from Santa before we left.
The market was so ridiculously crowded that we decided to have lunch elsewhere so we headed across the street to Petterinos. The food was delish and the girls lapped up spinach and fish before setting to work with tarter sauce and fries.
Next it was a walk to Millennium Park where we spent a great deal of time playing.
Dad and Len took a cab home while Gloria, the girls and I drove. We took a detour down the Mag Mile to see the lights and got stuck in major traffic.
 That evening after the girls went to bed, Meme and Papa kept watch over the house while Len and I went to get our Christmas tree. The weather took a terrible turn both Saturday and Sunday so we spent both days inside. We spent some of that time decorating the tree (with some reading breaks).
Of course we had a few projects we needed to get done. The first was assembling some bar stools.
The next was assembling a large play kitchen that Meme and Papa sent the girls for Christmas. We decided to give it to the girls early so Papa and Meme could enjoy seeing them play with it.
It was a huge hit!
Sunday we celebrated Lucy's 2nd birthday since she will be having ear tube surgery on her actual birthday this Thursday. I made a pound cake with lemon glaze for everyone to share and Lucy had a special cupcake all for herself. She loved being the center of attention with her tiara!
Since it was our last night together we exchanged a few Christmas gifts. A Skype camera and Cloisonné Christmas ornaments from China for Meme and Papa.
A handbag from Nepal for me, a new Hawaiian shirt for Len and hats/mittens for the girls.
And that's our weekend! It was a really great 4 days and we will miss having Papa and Meme here to share our days.

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