Sunday, November 13, 2011

Why do weekends go by so quickly?!

It seems to me that it's only fair that we should have more than 2 days off a week. I mean, don't you think that 4 days of work and 3 days of play seems more equitable? Yes, I'm lamenting that it's another Sunday night and I feel like this weekend went by in a flash and Monday is looming large. And honestly, I'm not sure where the time went...so let's review.

Technically Friday is not the weekend but since I didn't update on Lucy's occupational therapy I'm putting it in anyway. My friend Sara came over at 10am to pick up Kate. She took Kate and her daughter Lina to the Swedish Children's Museum where they were having a program and serving Swedish pancakes. The therapist from Early Intervention came to our house at 10:30 and worked with Lucy and me until noon. Because this therapy is focused on eating and drinking skills I scheduled it for snacktime. Lucy was successful in drinking from a modified therapy cup and demonstrating more rotary chewing (as opposed to just smacking her lips and mouth up and down) than she did during her evaluation. We were completely unsuccessful in even trying the straw but I think part of that was just pushing her too much. She was happy with her cup and was simply not ready to move on to the next thing so just gave up altogether. We also tried out a few different feeding utensils to see what was easiest for her to use. She was not nearly as tired or overwhelmed by this therapy as she was with speech but then she was eating through most of it! We did move on to the floor for a bit of play therapy (shape sorter, etc). We will be doing this kind of therapy every other week for several months.

Kate returned happy and full from pancakes and lingonberries right after I got Lucy down for her nap. Kate "rested" and then we spent the afternoon playing and going for our usual walk.

Saturday morning Len took the girls to Wiggleworms (we need to make up 2 classes that we missed while in China) and then to the park before coming home for lunch and naps. Lucy napped her usual 1 hour and was waking just as Kate was finally petering out. Kate ended up sleeping 2 1/2 hours so Len and Lucy got a lot of one-on-one time while I ran errands. We regrouped around 4:30pm and then went out for Chinese at Sun Wah BBQ with our neighbors David, Jen and their daughter Zadie.

Sunday found us eating Chinese again, this time a dim sum brunch at Furama with the Asian Parents group from NPN. The girls had a good time eating noodles, dumplings and red bean buns before playing on the stage with all the other kids.

*all pictures on here were taken on my phone or the iPad so they're not the best...
Home, naps (1 1/2 hours for Lucy, Kate opted out of actually napping, preferring to sing and talk for her rest time). Then we headed over to Sara, Gustav and Lina's house for snacks and more playtime. Mulled wine and beer made playtime much more fun....at least for the adults!

And that's it. Huh. Not a very eventful weekend but a good one nonetheless.

Lucy is really starting to blossom. I noticed today that she seems much livelier with a rosy glow to her cheeks that she didn't have before. She's happier and reaches to hold my hand a lot. She is waking from night sleep and naps much easier. Gone is the screaming and crying and in its place is just a small bit of crying when transitioning from sleep to wake followed by "Mama!" which means either Len or I need to come get her. She is still calling me, Len, food and any toy she wants "Mama".

Otherwise, here are some pictures from this past week...

Riding Bernard the dog
Modeling the flower headbands that I originally got for Kate when she was an infant
 Hard to take their pictures when they keep trying to see the back of the camera
This is what it looked like on Kate at 9 months...
Is that not the yummiest child?? It makes my heart ache every time I think about the fact that we missed this most beautiful time in Lucy's life. She would have been adorable with a cabbage on her head too.


Kjernalds in Sweden said...

Hey, why don't they have those museums here in Sweden? O well, I have a great Swedish pancake recipe if you want it! Love the pics. Hope all is well.


Lisa said...

Laurie--the pancake recipe would be great!


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