Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Kate was having a particularly difficult time going to sleep tonight. Maybe she sensed that Len would be going out for sushi tonight with a friend, leaving only Mama to hold down the fort. Whatever it was, it was looking grim for Mama...and then this:

Kate:  Did Mama eat supper?

Me: Not yet. I can't eat my supper until you go to sleep.

Kate: Mama needs to eat supper.

Me: Yes, I would love to eat supper. Maybe you could lay your head down and close your eyes. Then you could dream about all the wonderful things you did today.

Kate: Kate go to bed now. Lay down in crib with Bedtime Kitty.

Me: Ok, kiss and a hug.

I get a big kiss and a tight hug from Kate. Then I lay her down in her crib.

Me: I love you. Night night.

Kate: I love you Mama. Night night.

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