Monday, December 26, 2011

Finally...our first Christmas with our family complete

Nana arrived a couple of days before Christmas and although we missed her birthday by a few days, we tried to make up for it with one of her favorite things, a carrot cake.
Christmas Eve saw the girls enjoying their squeaky shoes. After they went to bed we put all of their old toys in a closet and brought out their new gifts.
We decided to assemble some of the stuff so the frustration level would be lowered (how hard is it to open a plastic-wrapped tea set? It took a box cutter...).

Christmas Morning! Release the hounds!
 I predicted quite correctly that Kate would head straight for the tea set and Lucy would head for the strollers.
 Kate finally got up to grab a stroller too.
Then she found the airplane...Lucy's still going round and round with the stroller.
 Short break to try out the sit-n-spin and Kate is back to the tea set.
 Then it's back to the strollers...and trying to figure out how to push both at the same time.
After a couple of hours of this, we had a snack and took naps. We finally got to actually opening the presents wrapped under the tree.
Words cannot express my surprise and gratitude to Yia Yia and Pappou for a half-day of treatments at my favorite spa! It will be a much-needed time of relaxation for this tired mama.
 Finally, after what seemed like hours of shredding and ripping of paper, they settled in to play with their loot.
We feasted on ham, mashed potatoes, roasted parsnips, carrots and brussels sprouts with bacon, green beans, sweet potato casserole, homemade cranberry/orange relish and wine. Orange Stollen was dessert! I thought that bedtime would be easy and it was...with Lucy. Kate, however, seems to be getting her 2 year molars in. That, combined with the excitement of presents, Santa and Nana had her awake for over 2 hours beyond her normal bedtime and up by 4am. THAT sucked.

Lucy gave me a post-Christmas present by NOT screaming upon waking this morning at 6am. It was the first time since we've had her that she whimpered her normal "I'm waking up" cry but then she stood up and said, "Mama!". So I got up, and when I picked her up she wrapped her arms and legs around my body and gave me a big hug. It was so sweet. Since Nana was still asleep and Len was sleeping in the rocking chair with Kate, Lucy and I got back into our bed until 6:40am for some snuggle time.

We are enjoying some unbelievable mild and sunny weather so we took full advantage of it this morning by walking to a park near the lake at 9:30am. After 2 hours of playtime we got them back in the stroller where they...fell asleep. Of course. So I stopped in for a Vietnamese coffee on the walk home, dropped Len and Nana off at the house so they could nap and I took them on a walk in the stroller where they slept until 1:30pm. I got my workout for the day with that 2 hour walk for sure!

Len and Nana are giving the girls dinner of eggs, zucchini and quinoa right now so I can have some time to relax (and blog!). After we get the girls to sleep, Nana will stay home to watch the girls so Len and I can go to the movies! Can you tell I'm excited?! It's one of the things I miss the most about this time in our lives...going to the movie theatre.

Time to sign off...supper is over and bathtime is looming.


Heather H. said...

It looks like a wonderful Christmas day and day after. You did much better than we did with Emme's first Christmas (at about 2 1/2 years old). We really didn't know enough to expect it to take forever. We kind of tried to push her along with her opening. THIS year, however, she was all about opening each new thing and seeing what was inside the packaging!

Tony and Sue said...

"Everyone Poops" is a GREAT book!

Glad things are coming along with Lucy!


Jodie said...

So after the laughing and giggling at all the pictures and stories....a tear appeared as I read about Lucy wrapping her arms and legs around you in a big hug!! Progress, eh?! *sniff* ;)

Lynn K said...

Happy New Year to your wonderful family!

Lisa said...

Happy New Year everyone and thanks so much for reading!
Sue--Kate is obsessed with Everyone Poops. Obsessed.


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