Sunday, December 11, 2011

Fun with friends (and some strange coincidences)

We spent this cold Sunday at the Garfield Park Conservatory. We met up at 10am with Candice, her daughter Antara, Kelly, Keith and their daughter M. It was such a nice warm place to be when the outside temps were hovering in the 30s!  There was some serious hail damage to most of the conservatory earlier this year and some of the areas were still not repaired but we had plenty to see and do anyway.


We wrapped up the morning by having a great lunch at nearby Feed Restaurant. The girls napped on the way home. We managed to have a nice Skype session with Meme and Papa before having some supper and calling it a night.

Two funny things happened today however. The first was running into a couple that we haven't seen since Kate was born. They were in our Bradley Birth class and had the same due date of mid-February that we originally did. We got to see their cute daughter and visit with them for a bit. Turns out they have been keeping up with us all along on our blog so, "Hey there--write when you can and let's get together again!"

The other coincidence happened at lunch. A couple saw us and asked if we had been in O'Hare Airport at the end of September. Turns out they recognized both girls and had been on an in-coming international flight at the same time as us.

Such a small world...

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