Thursday, December 1, 2011

Heart Letter, Month 24

Dear Lucy,

You are 24 months old today.  TWO YEARS OLD!  And you are growing like a weed. I swear you shot up 2” overnight. I can tell because we now have an early morning ritual. While Daddy gets up to take a shower (and since you are already awake by this time), I pick you up and you lay on my chest in bed. When we first started this snuggle time, your feet would only go to my thighs. Now they are touching my knees.
This snuggle time is really helping us to bond to each other. A couple of weeks ago you reached up to touch my face and the next thing I knew your lips were on my cheek and you were giving me a kiss! And then you smiled at me and laid your head back down on my chest. It was such a sweet moment that I wanted to freeze it in time and replay it over and over. 

The moments like these are fleeting though because you are a ball of energy! Every morning after breakfast you head for the drawer-full of hats, scarves, and mittens. The combinations you and Kate come up with are endless and cause me to go racing for the camera on a regular basis.
You made an amazing cognitive leap this month, relating two things from different contexts. Unbeknownst to me, the Halloween spider ring was on the floor slightly out of my view but clearly in your line of vision from up in your high chair. You kept pointing to the floor and grunting. I had no idea what you wanted so asked if you were through and wanted down. You shook your head no but kept pointing to the floor and grunting. Finally, you started doing the itsy-bitsy spider with your fingers and then you pointed to the floor again. I leaned over to look and sure enough, there was the spider. I was totally blown away that you made the connection between the song and the spider ring since we had never made that relationship connection before.
You manage to impress me with how much you have learned in just a couple of short months. Just the other day Kate inhaled water in the tub and started coughing. You turned to her and started patting her back which you must have seen me do in the past. It was such a sweet gesture. You have learned to blow your nose, drink from a cup with some help, suck from a fruit pouch and climb up and down stairs. Your cheeks are rosier and you wake up, if not happy, at least not crying hysterically anymore. You lay right down with your bunny and your dolly for both nap and nighttime, sometimes pulling the blanket up over your face so you can rub it on your lips before rolling over and dropping off to sleep. You are sleeping through the night consistently now from 6:30pm-5:30am with a one hour nap right after lunch. You thrive on routine and have quickly adapted to our daily rhythm with your favorite part of the day spent at the park. When we turn the corner to the park you start squealing and waving your arms and legs in anticipation for all the fun to be had!
The one thing you still really hate, though, is to be asked to do any type of structured activity like reading or even games on the iPad. You are probably the only child on the planet who would prefer to scoot on Tupperware containers than futz around on an iPad. This is especially difficult on speech therapy day. It is pure hell to do therapy with you and not just after we’ve been doing it for a bit. You are ready to be done before we even start. You pull out every trick you know in an effort to avoid working….first you look for another toy to play with, then you smile sweetly to charm your way out of it, then you get mad and finally you just keep repeating Mah Mah Mah hoping you can monosyllabically flog us into relenting. By the end of the session we are all exhausted and Annie is revamping her approach yet again for next time.

You are getting ear tubes this morning. I hate that this is happening on your birthday but if it can help you hear sooner then it is a better birthday present than anything else I could buy. The doctor said it should not only improve your hearing but should also help with your balance and coordination. I really hope it helps because I know you are so frustrated and have no words to express it. 

You have experienced so many "firsts" this month.  The most recent was yesterday when you sat on the new potty and actually pooped! We made a huge deal about it but you didn't seem overly impressed and would not get on it for the rest of the day.

You went to your first birthday party when our neighbor Zadie turned two. You loved the balloons and the chance to play with new toys.
You met your Meme and Papa for the first time when they came to visit for Thanksgiving.

You loved them both and sought out their attention every day. You also met Santa for the first time. That meeting did not go quite as well....
Fortunately, that experience did not scar you for Christmas in general. You are in love with the Christmas tree and with the small Santa under it.

 You also had your first Thanksgiving meal complete with turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole and green beans. With so much food I am not surprised that you were a big fan of the holiday!
Happy birthday my darling. I am so sorry that we missed your first two birthdays but I can promise you that we will never miss another one as long as we are alive. You are loved more and more each day and I am so happy that you are here so we can celebrate the first of many birthdays to come.


Heather H. said...

Happy Birthday, Lucy! I hope your surgery goes smoothly today.

Best wishes!

Elizabeth said...

Happy Birthday Lucy! I love the photos, but especially the last two! What a happy, happy, girl. Hope the surgery went well. Please let us know.

mommy of 2 said...

Happy birthday Lucy!!! Now you are two. :)



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