Thursday, December 15, 2011

Leaping forward

Yesterday we had our first speech therapy session after a two week break. Annie, our therapist, had to cancel the last two sessions for prior commitments. This means that we had not had a therapy session since Lucy had gotten ear tubes. Let me tell you, what a difference!! Lucy was more focused and receptive to trying to make the sounds asked of her. She didn't try to evade or refuse to make eye contact nor did she get overwhelmed and start throwing toys around as she has at pretty much every other session. Annie was amazed at the change in her. She is now saying the following words more clearly:

Bye Bye
Top (for stop)
Da Da
Wa Wa (for water)
Ba Ba (for bottle)

She is attempting to say Santa but the S sound is a tough one at the moment.  She also has trouble with the E sound as in eat or Meme.

She can also point to the following body parts:


And the final accomplishment is that not only can she suck from a straw, she can suck from a straw that has a valve in it (like in a sippy cup which means she has to really suck hard to get it out). We are working on using a hard spout sippy cup like this one. She can get a little bit out but it frustrates her and she gets too tired to stick with it for long.

All in all though, she is making great leaps forward in most all areas. One of the not-so-great moves forward is her testing of me. One of the best signs of attachment is when a child feels secure enough in a relationship to test the boundaries. Prior to the last few days, Lucy would either acquiesce to what I wanted without much of a fight or would just cry if she didn't get her way. Now, she will do the exact opposite of what I want (like standing/jumping on the sofa when I have asked her to sit), all the while watching me with a big smile on her face to see what I will do. This has resulted in a lot of time-ins (wherein she is removed from the action and made to sit near me but not allowed to join in the fun that Kate and I are having). After a short time away, I will tell her why she was there, ask her to apologize, kiss, hug and back to play.  Rinse and repeat multiple times/day for various other infractions. I must keep reminding myself that it just means she is feeling more secure, that I will still love her even if she misbehaves. It's super fun and I know how jealous you all must be.

Om ManiPadme Hum

And now, for fun, here's a snapshot of yesterday's rainy day play-date with Lina. They were giving Bernard the dog a run for his money...

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