Friday, December 16, 2011

Lots of pictures!

Every Thursday since Kate was 6 weeks old I have met with my Mama group. The various Mamas that attend have fluctuated over the past 2 years but for the most part, a core group of us meet every week without fail. The day Len took Lucy to get her ear tubes, I took Kate to Aleks and Luke's house for our weekly playdate. Kate, as usual, had a great time.
Monday was our last Wiggleworms class in the under-2 section. Next year they will still have Ms. Julie as their teacher but we will be in the 2-3 year old class. They had a great time as reindeer on our last day...

Next it was time for reading. Everyone gathered around Ms. Julie at first (although, notice that Lucy is heading away from the book while Kate sits directly in front):
 Sitting lasts for a page or two, then everyone stands up so Lucy circles back around to see what's going on:
Alas, much to Lucy's dismay, it's still time for reading so she (and every other kid) wander off leaving Kate and Luke (who is also in our Thursday Mama group) still listening to the story.
And finally, Luke too, loses interest, leaving Kate alone to the very last page.
To recapture everyone's attention, it was time for dancing and bubbles!
The girls are still very much enamored of their new potty, just not for the reasons I had hoped:

Life is never dull with two 2 year olds that for sure!

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