Monday, December 12, 2011

Love Letter, Month 23

Dear Kate,

You are twenty-three months old today. What a funny, happy, VERBAL, girl you are!  
Your language has exploded this month. You speak not only in full sentences but full paragraphs. And the words you come up with still astound me. On the morning after our first snow you looked out the front window and said, "Is it wintertime Mama?"  
You know all the words to your favorite songs and pick up new songs amazingly quickly. Your new favorite is "Jingle Bells" but you have added a twist. Oh yes, you will sing the words correctly but occasionally you will just make up a song with your own words but with the tune from another song. For example, one night as Daddy was dressing you in your jammies, you spontaneously burst out with:

Jammies, Jammies, Jammies, Jammies
Jammies all the way!

or this version upon returning home from a playdate with your friend Lina: 
Lina, Lina, Lina, Lina
Lina all the way!
Lina, Lina, Lina, Lina,
Lina, Lina, LeeeennnAAA!

(both to the tune of "Jingle Bells)
You have also retrofitted the ABC song with different words...I guess the ABCs have become boring and mundane after several months of singing them.

Your memory surprises me.  When we pass our downstairs neighbor's house you will usually start singing, "Happy Birthday dear Zadie" even though it has been a few weeks since we celebrated her 2nd birthday.  You asked me the other day if we were going to go on a plane again to China "for Lucy." You recognize not only the street we live on when we turn the corner in the stroller but also the alley to our garage. You will announce that we are "almost home!" and start to sing the song I taught you so you would remember our street name.

You have taken to speaking for your sister. I know it must look to you like I am absurdly stupid when I ask Lucy to use her words to get what she wants but believe it or not, I usually know what her grunts and points are referring to. My goal, however, is to have her speak at some point.  Although I know you are trying to be helpful, your translating for Lucy when she wants something is only prolonging the "uh uh uh" that I am so desperately trying to banish from her repertoire. Stop. It.

I am pleased though that you and Lucy have bonded over a mutual love of dressing up. You raid the bottom drawer of the dresser every day and come up with some very creative combinations. And you always make sure that Lucy has something to wear as well (whether she wants it or not...you can be a bit, shall we say, insistent).

We were lucky enough to have Meme and Papa come spend Thanksgiving with us. You picked up with them as if it had not been months since we had last seen them. 
You thoroughly enjoyed Thanksgiving dinner
which is more than I can say for your reaction to meeting Santa for the 2nd time in your life.
You weren't nearly as upset as Lucy but you looked dubious at best. I'm not sure if you were more disturbed by sitting in a strange, bearded man's lap or by Lucy's apparent terror. No tears were shed though and you bounced back enough to accept a small toy from him before we bundled you back up to leave Santa's house.

You have some funny quirks (some might call it OCD but I want it on record that I have not labeled it such...). I have a bad habit of leaving the pantry door ajar. Mostly it's because I put a child-proof knob on the door to keep you and Lucy out of the liquor stash. It is such a giant PITA that I fail to close it most of the time because I don't want to futz with it later. This bothers you to no end and EVERY SINGLE TIME you pass the slightly open door you will close it. 
So really, why do I even have the child-proof knob on there if you are going to police yourself?

You are obsessed with cleaning. You love to wipe down your tray after eating, you insist on having your hands wiped after every bite when you aren't using utensils, and I thought you were going to have a rapturous fit of joy when I let you sweep up the needles from the Christmas tree. I hope you never outgrow your need to clean but I suspect that as soon as you are tall enough to wash dishes you will learn that cleaning is highly over-rated.

We got your attention this month when a potty made it's appearance in our kitchen. You are quite fond of sitting on it and doing...nothing.
I am sad to report that you seem to have given up napping unless it is inconvenient for me as when we're in the car for a short trip or in the stroller on the way home from the park. You will sleep for those few short minutes and then wake up ready to start another adventure. It's so very exhausting.
But these things are over-shadowed by...YOU. You are such a sunny, happy girl and I look forward to seeing your smiling face every morning...
and reading to you every night.



mama of 5 said...

So fun to read what your children are doing. My little girl will be 22 months this week. At her update at around 19 months she was speaking very little. At her 21 month update they said she has many words and short senteces. I was surprised to hear this and wondered if it was even true since she has been delayed in this from the beginning(even at 5 months she made very little noise). I guess she is finding her voice! It is fun to realize just what I have to look forward to when I read what your little ones are doing. I look forward to meeting you and letting our little ones play. All this time I have been reading your blog and my daughter is the same age. Oh, the time we have lost with our China babies. Can't wait to meet you this summer!!

Paivi said...

How much do you want to bet that Kate will be the one to learn Mandarin and write a book about growing up with her Chinese-born sister! I'm sure Lucy will develop wonderful talents, too, but Kate will be the scribe!


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