Thursday, December 1, 2011

Lucy's ear tubes

Lucy's ear surgery went well. Len took her in at 6:30am for surgery at 8am and I stayed with Kate. As soon as the nurses found out that it was her birthday they gave her a doll complete with a blanket, bottle, a little bear and a bib (very alliterative huh...baby, blanket, bottle, bear, bib). They also put a small wrist band on it that matched Lucy's!

Len asked them if they could sedate her before taking her from him since she's been with us such a short time. They had no problem doing that and she didn't cry at all when she was taken to surgery. It went well and Len was with her in recovery while she was still out.
The staff in the operating room gave her a bear for her birthday and it was with her in recovery as well (what you see in the picture above though is her favorite bunny that we gave her the day we got home to Chicago...she sleeps with it every night).

The nurse warned Len that most children wake up, sit up abruptly and then get discombobulated which then leads to lots of crying. Lucy did not! She started to stir, then turned to the nurse who was speaking and gave him a smile. Then she saw Len and really smiled! No crying at all for the entire visit, before or after!

She was given some water and once she passed the no-vomit test she was given honey grahams. By this time it's about 9am, well past her normal breakfast and approaching snacktime so she was very hungry.
And that was that!  They were home by 10:30am. Lucy was a bit wobbly and fell down more than usual all day but the doc said to expect that from the anesthesia.After naptime (for Lucy...Kate, as per usual, just had some quiet time in her crib) we went on a long walk around town before playing with some chalk in the front yard.

Right after supper we let Lucy open the gifts we got for her. The first was a sleep sheep. She loves the one that Yia Yia and Pappou got for Kate and will ask to be in Kate's crib in order to hug it. So our hope is that she will want to get in her crib as well. You see, she's still in a pack and play in our room. We are planning to move her out in January after the holiday excitement is over. So, in order to make her crib in the nursery more inviting we've added the sleep sheep. She was quite happy tonight after bathtime to be in her crib hugging her very own sheep--the first time I've put her in there without tears on her part.

The other thing she got was a Mrs. Potato Head. We use this quite a bit in speech therapy (helps to learn body parts and with fine motor skills). She loved it and ended up playing with it for a full 15 minutes--completely absorbed which was great to see.
We are to give her ear drops 2x/day for the next 2 days to prevent infection and dry up any water that may get in there. We have to be a bit more careful during bathtime not to get water in her ears but otherwise there are no restrictions (since it's not swimming weather yet!).  She had a bit of bloody discharge tonight after her ear drops and she was rubbing them a bit so we gave her some baby Tylenol before bed just to be sure she was not going to have any pain. So far so good...both girls are asleep and I'm heading that way now!

Goodnight all and thank you so much for the birthday wishes and concern about her surgery--she is most certainly a well-loved little girl and for that we are grateful to you all!


Gloria Szanto said...

What a precious picture of Lucy sleeping. She is a doll baby. So happy all went well, she is one tough little girl, isn't she! Looks like she had a nice birthday afterall, that's great. We sure do miss your little girls, we loved being with all of you, Wish we all lived closer. Love, Meme

Gayle Weiswasser said...

So glad the procedure went well. Happy birthday Lucy!


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