Wednesday, December 21, 2011


So yes, I realize that we've covered snacktime before with the cheddar bunny pusher but this time was a bit more subdued on Kate's part because we were having fruit...still an acquired taste for my little veggie girl.

Sadly, Kate is wearing the same Elmo shirt she had on in the last snack video...she is now requesting outfits with that damn Elmo being a favorite. Grrr.


Heather H. said...

Those girls are SO cute. I love seeing them in action, even subdued action. :)

mama of 5 said...

Too stinkin' cute. Now that it is getting more real to me that we really are adopting, I just love watching what your girls are doing and dream of my Renee! She is 22 months right now. Could you e-mail me sometime (busy time right now and wait til after Christmas if you need to) about how the process went these first months home? How did she progress from not wanting to even look at you to where you are now.(what steps did you take to get there) I know you shared you felt like a babysitter at first with Lucy, how are things going now? I just want to be prepared. Our Renee has been with the same foster parents since she was abandoned. So glad for this, but know that it will be very hard for her to leave her China family. Thanks!
Merry Christmas! I can see it will be a very active and joyous time!!!

Paivi said...

Lucy is talking! clever girl!

Elizabeth said...

I'd love the same info as 'Mama of 5', could your forward the same to me or post about it? Merry Christmas to you, Len, Lucy and Kate. I only started blogging in September and love all my on-line friends, the ideas and tips that are shared and the support given. Lisa, I'd asked you about those harnesses/backpacks and got two from Target in Washington state. My friend with twins loved them!!!! My only mistake was not buying a third for her four year old! He took quite a liking to them! You have so many neat things you've shared, the stuff from the dentist etc. Would you consider a side bar with a list of all them and the links. My fear is when I need them, I'll never be able to find them again. Merry Christmas. Christmas morning will be so fun for you!

Lisa said...

I will work on a post about what we've done to help with bonding. It is SO MUCH better and I think I have some pretty good ideas about what worked for us. A major caveat to keep in mind, though, is that we have another daughter the same age so I've had to modify nearly everything I've ever read in the attachment books. It may take me a bit to put it all down but I will work on it!

Elizabeth, what things are you thinking about for the sidebar? Not sure where to start on this one!


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