Monday, January 2, 2012

2011 in Pictures

Happy New Year! Who could have imagined last year at this time that we would finally have our two daughters home, safe and sound? I certainly didn't based on last year's post.  Here are a few highlights of our year:

1. January saw a lot of our friends helping us celebrate Kate turning 1. She learned to walk on her own at 14 1/2 months and has been unstoppable ever since. In one year she has gone from babbling to speaking in full paragraphs, from napping once/day to maybe once/week if I'm lucky. In spite of the no napping, she is a quite a joy to be around.

2. We took a few trips this year; one to DC to visit with as many people as we could squeeze into 3 days, a two week trip to FL to visit friends and family at the beach and the final trip was to China.

3. In March we received our referral for Xu Xiang Ling, born December 1, 2009 in Henan Province. She started out life at the Xuchang City SWI but spent the majority of her life at LuoHe Lily Orphan Care which is where we went while in China to learn as much about her as we could. We traveled in September to China with my mom and Kate in tow to bring home Lucy Xiangling.  While in China, our friends, Ryan and Paul, flew up from Singapore to spend a long weekend with us. Our friends both here and away continue to amaze us with their generosity--we had an entire month of meals provided for us upon our return from China.

4. We had a few visitors this year including Katherine and Don (Kate and Lucy's Yia Yia and Pappou), my DC friend Michelle, my dad and Gloria (Papa and Meme) and my mom (Nana).

5. My nephew, Ryan, married his sweetheart Jen, in September. We were really bummed that their wedding fell the weekend before we left for China causing us to miss the happy event. Nick, Ryan's brother, was able to serve as best man before leaving to start Marine boot camp in December. Their sister, Martine, was just accepted to Sacred Heart University in CT.

6. My mama group continues to meet every Thursday morning. We lost a couple of mamas--Allison and her son Elliot moved to Denver and Ava's mom, Allison, started work in December. They are very much missed as I have known them since our babies were 6 weeks old.  In addition to Sara and her daughter Lina, Krisha and her son Arnav, Margaret and her son Jacob, we added Christy and her daughter Lucy (two Lucy's in the group now!), Aleks and her son Luke, and Josephine and her son Ben. When we're lucky, Jackie and her son Leander join us as well.

7. We managed to do a bit of fun Chicago things this year. Len and I took a one hour private flight over the city. We visited the Aquarium, the Brookfield and Chicago zoos, a pumpkin farm, the kite festival, and the Chicago Air and Boat Show.

It's been one amazing year...one we will never forget.

The music in the video is Such Great Heights by Iron & Wine.


Gloria Szanto said...

Wow, that was quite a year, God Bless you all. Beautiful video, Great job, Lisa, Love Ya, Meme

Paivi said...

Funny thing was I almost felt like I had been there - well I do follow the blog pretty avidly. Love the Chicago cityscapes with the turquoise lake! Thanks, Lisa!


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