Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Defending Territory

I love this video because it shows the most common interaction between the two girls when there is only one of something. Lucy is on the sit-n-spin and Kate wants a turn so she waits in the Bumbo seat (another coveted item) until Lucy gets off. Kate's inability to get out of the chair quickly allows Lucy to scramble back onto the toy before Kate can get a hand on it.

The other thing I want to point out is how Lucy keeps falling off of the sit-n-spin. Her core strength is still pretty weak and she falls over quite a bit, both on this ride and when playing in general. The other thing our speech therapist noticed is that Lucy tends to run with her head turned to one side and her chin to the other and/or with her chest leading the way, arms back. She thinks Lucy may have a mild form of torticollis. I'm getting a referral this week for a PT exam to have her checked out.

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PinkDevora said...

My son was fascinated by this video and kept on yelling "baby!". I showed him a couple other videos and he was entranced. Thanks for the entertainment this afternoon ;).

Thankfully, torticollis is relatively simple. Good luck at the PT exam.


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