Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Fun with videos and ENT checkup

More and more, the girls are really enjoying Wiggleworms. Lucy, especially, as you can tell from this video:

As I pointed out before, Kate is into lining things up. If she can achieve that and combine it with keeping it all away from Lucy, so much the better. (You can tell she relaxed enough by the end of the video by what she was able to do...)

Yesterday we went back for a hearing test and a visit with her ENT doc, Dr. Rastatter. She passed with higher ratings than the last time we were there. Only one of the areas was a tad below normal and they weren't sure if it was because she was much more engaged in play this time (gone was the terror and crying from before) and less interested in listening or if she truly didn't hear the sounds. She would not look consistently in the direction of the sounds during some of the test. But, she did have marked increase in the level of sound she could hear. Last time, the lowest decibel range she could hear was 25db. Yesterday it was 10db. A look in her ears revealed healthy ears with ear tubes still in place, no wax build-up. A clean bill of health and a request to bring her back in 4-6 months for another checkup. I'll take that!


Elizabeth said...

Love the videos! I wish there was something like Wiggleworms here. Still working on my dossier!!!!!! Great news from the ENT doc.

Jodie said...

Kate is so grown up! "What happened?" lol Bless her heart. And mama, you're not supposed to film her poopin! lol TOooooo cute! I can't wait until you show these videos to future boyfriends. hee, hee


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