Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I hit "Publish" too soon

As soon as I hit "Publish" on last night's post Kate sat up in her crib and announced into the darkness, "All done."  Len went in. Got her down. Then she's back up. I went in. Got her down. Then she's back up. This went on until 9:30pm. Then she just got mad. VERY. VERY. MAD.

She threw a temper tantrum that rivaled any that Lucy threw in September/October. She arched her back and kicked her arms and legs as I tried to put her in her crib for the upmteenth time. Oh it was a glorious tantrum as tantrums go. Plenty of gutteral screaming, flailing about and general mayhem. Amazingly, Lucy just tossed about but didn't join in the chorus until...

9:55pm. Both of them are up and screaming. I'm positive that people in the next building could hear them. It was quite a spectacle. But I was DONE. As in DONE DONE.  I had wanted to go to bed early and here it was, nearly 10pm, and I was still up and now I was just pissed off, pretty much equal to the amount that both the girls were.

(Heaven help Len living in a house with three angry females...I can only speculate on what their teen years will hold at this rate.)

By this time I had taken a bath and was in my jammies, the prospect of bed and sleep, oh blessed sleep, seeming farther and farther away.  Taking a deep breathe, I walked into the fray, laid Lucy and Kate back down, covered them back up, told them "we love you but it's time for night night, Mama is going to bed right now, Daddy will come back to check on you later so you won't be alone. You cannot get out of bed anymore, it is time to lay down and cuddle your night night friends."  I then asked which song Kate wanted me to sing, she opted for Baa Baa Black Sheep so I told her I would sing it 3 times and then I would kiss them both before going to bed.

And it worked. 10pm. All is quiet. I went to bed. Len stayed up a bit longer and when Lucy woke up at 11pm he got to her before she could wake up Kate. And then they both slept until Lucy woke at 5:40am. Kate got up at 7:30am.

Kate seems to have retrieved her lost appetite and her good humor. I'm hoping this portends good things to come for tonight.

We took a nice walk this morning in the gorgeous weather we're having. Love how they both have their hands in their pockets.
Measurable snow is forecast for tomorrow so I'm glad we got out there today. It's in the 50s here, sunny and gorgeous. LIKE.


Jodie said...

WOW! You handle that like a PRO, friend!!! VERY impressed! :) So glad you guys got some sleep last night. Wish I could be there to play in the snow with ya'll tomorrow. ;)

Heather H. said...

The tricky thing about having "twins" is that if it isn't one, it WILL be the other. (This from someone with a twin brother and sister, and now twin nephews.) And frequently it's both of them working together (i.e. going in opposite directions.) Good luck! :)

Blessedbabs said...

Love the pictures of the girls! Still sending calming sleepy vibes your way though!

Blessedbabs said...

Love the pictures of the girls! Still sending sleepy vibes your way, I know first hand how very, very exhausting twins are!

Tony and Sue said...

Got a question for you. You can email me if you prefer -- tssmith527@msn.com.

We are leaving for China and Feb 8. While in Zhengzhou at the Crowne Plaza, was the internet/wifi free or was there a charge? I have to download the Express VPN app to my iPad but then was the actual access free?



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