Saturday, January 21, 2012

Meet Jessica

Or Jess as the girls call her since Lucy cannot manage Jessica. After what has felt like an exhaustive search for the right person to help us with the girls, we have found her. She's great with them, has a Communications degree and is super out-going. The only drawback is that she's moving to Atlanta in August to pursue her MDiv at Emory. So, yeah...I'll be interviewing all over again this summer. But at least I've got a lot of notice this time around and won't be scrambling trying to round up various temporary sitters while juggling a trip to China, a new daughter and lots of doctor appointments.

Of course her first day is the day it snows like crazy which worked out well for me as it is MUCH easier to get the girls outside when I have help! Warm under-clothes, socks, snow pants, snow jacket, mittens, hats, scarves, boots. Putting boots and mittens and sometimes hats BACK ON as one removes hers as I work on the other. Then getting myself in all the same gear hoping they don't start disrobing while I'm midway through pack-muling myself.

Finally, made it downstairs and they were in heaven!
 Kate kept wanting us to make a snowball but the snow was so dry and fluffy that it wouldn't stick together.
 So Jessica threw it so it would spray around which they loved just as much.
 Back inside we had hot chocolate and read books. What's not to like about that kind of afternoon?
Lucy is completely obsessed with Jessica's hair and keeps running her hands through it. Of course she does this to both Kate and me as well so it doesn't surprise me. The best, though, is her fixation on Len's hairy legs, chest and back. She also loves to brush and comb hair and asks for a bow nearly every day (although it doesn't stay in for very long). Perhaps a career in hair is in her future...

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Jessica K said...

OMG!!! This just warms my heart!! Love these little ladies. And yes Lucy LOVES my hair. Which doesn't bother me one bit. I love having my hair rubbed (when the person asks of course). But Lucy doesn't need to ask. (:


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