Saturday, January 14, 2012

Odd bits and pieces

Thursday I had to drive to play/mama group because of the impending snowstorm. I took Lucy out of the carseat first since she was on the driver's side of the car and Kate was on the curb side. I got her out and came around to Kate's side, opened her door and then set Lucy down on the sidewalk. This is the conversation that ensued:

Me (to Lucy): I need you to stay right here.
Kate (to Lucy): And don't move.
A few examples of sisterly affection:

A few days ago, I was trying in vain to get Lucy to make the "E" sound as in eat, pea, me, etc. She just couldn't get it and was getting frustrated. Kate finally walked over to where we were and said:

Lucy trying Mama. Lucy can't say it yet.

Tonight, Lucy was holding something that Kate wanted. Kate was pitching an all-out fit about it...

Want to hold it! Want to trade! (frantically waving the doll she was holding towards Lucy's line of vision). She ramped up her pleas as Len and I both told her that Lucy had the toy first and Kate had the doll.

Suddenly, Lucy looked at Kate's despondent face and then handed her toy to Kate saying Tay (trade) and then accepted the proffered doll.
Every Wednesday Lucy and I head to Children's Hospital for speech therapy. I try to get there 10-15 minutes early so she can play in the waiting area. Her favorite thing is the shopping cart which she loads up with every possible toy she can. She resembles a bag lady at times...
Today we needed to run a few errands out in the 'burbs so we waited until naptime to leave the house so the girls would have the chance to nap. Lucy took full advantage and was out pretty quickly but Kate hung in there and didn't even close her eyes for the entire trip.

First stop was Ikea.They LOVED the car!
We headed to the children's section to pick up a few things. While I scouted out what we needed Len managed the girls in the small play area. The both loved the "hamster" tunnels.
We had to peel Kate out of the toddler bed. She was in heaven. Maybe this could entice her to nap?
Next stop was REI for some waterproof gloves and smartwool socks for the girls. Got each one a warm layering top as well from the clearance rack.  And finally we headed back to the city, to Chinatown, for supper at our favorite place, Lao Sze Chuan. We were lucky to get one of the last 2 tables left (at 4:15pm on a Saturday...). Lucy was practically jumping out of her chair when she saw the noodles and dumplings arrive. Both girls ate well and then some...we also ordered fish with black bean sauce, spicy pork with cilantro, szechuan green beans, spicy cabbage, and rice. We had some very happy girls on our hands. And the waiter caught Lucy's eye every time...she was smiling and waving every time he came over to check on us.
Tomorrow we plan to finally finish opening birthday gifts for Kate. With Len gone at work all day and the girls pretty tired by the time he comes home, there was just never a good time to get them all revved up with presents. Pictures of that event as well as some of Thursday "birthday" playgroup to follow!


Heather H. said...

I LOVE this post. I especially love the signs of sisterly affection. But really, your girls are so adorable, and I love being allowed to watch their interactions.

Jodie said...

OMG! "And don't move!" hahahahah! LOVE IT!!! "Lucy trying, mama!" ;) My heart is melting! lol Love those baby girls...:)


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