Thursday, January 5, 2012

Our Ladies of Perpetual Snot

WARNING! Major grossness follows. You have been warned.
So yeah, another cold made the rounds in our house this week. This coincided nicely with another major event: moving Lucy into what is now going to be known as Kate's and Lucy's room. These two events led to no sleep at all for me.

We made the move on January 1--nothing like starting out the new year with a bang huh?  Lucy was not amused. She made her unhappiness known as soon as we put her in the crib which then set off Kate. We spent 30 minutes singing over and over again until we sang them to sleep. I took the night shift and slept in the guest room with the video monitor while Len slept in our room with a sound machine on. After slipping into sleep at 10:30pm I was awakened by Kate mournfully crying at 11:30pm. I went in, soothed her back to sleep after 40 minutes, crawled back into bed at 12:15am and was summarily wakened by Lucy's keening wail at 12:30am.  Which awakened Kate. Two crying babies. Got them both settled down only to have Lucy pop back up crying after 20 minutes down. This continued until 3:30am. You read that correctly. Total suckage.  I waited until 4am to be sure they were both down before falling heavily back to bed. And then...Lucy woke up at 5:30am and stayed up for good. Kate woke at 6:20am.

Two guesses as to how naptime fared. No naps. For either one of them.

Night #2: both girls go down a bit easier although Kate requires a bit more soothing as her cold is in high gear and cannot breath with all the snot clogging her nose. All is quiet by 7:30pm. I go to bed extra early at 8:15pm as I am on duty once again. This time Lucy sleeps straight through to 5:30am which is a major accomplishment considering Kate was awake from 12:30am-4:30am, much of it sitting upright in my lap in the rocking chair so she could breathe.

Napping was still a total loss. Lucy managed 30 minutes and Kate never did settle down.

By 4pm Tuesday they are both a complete wreck and I am struggling to stay awake myself. Kate looks like she's been on an all-night bender smoking weed and Lucy has the disposition of an angry bee.  I feed them supper at 4pm (they ate a quart of turkey congee between them--restorative liquids!) and into the bath by 4:45pm. Len and I got them into bed by 5:15pm. They both completely passed out within 5 minutes and I followed closely behind at 8pm.

Len offered to do night duty since I was nearly comatose and guess what happened? NEITHER child awakened...at all, the entire night. Lucy woke at her usual 5:30am and Kate got up at 6:20am.

I tried a different tactic for naps on Wednesday. I put Lucy down first and she went right out. Meanwhile, Kate and I read some books for about 30 minutes and then I took her in and put her in the crib, asking her to be quiet since Lucy was asleep (she was very, very good about this!). Sadly, Lucy woke up not 10 minutes later, done with her nap. When I went in to get Lucy up and out of the room, Kate sat up and was outraged when I left her in there to "rest". Sigh. So, no nap for Kate once again.

Overall though, Lucy knows that the pack and play in our room is no longer available (she was getting too long for it anyway). She actually seems to like her new spacious sleeping quarters and both girls kiss each other before going to bed. Once we get them sleeping consistently through the night, Len and I can finally be in our room again...alone. Nice.

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Jodie said...

Believe it or not, it sounds like to me things are progressing rather quickly compared to others I've heard that are in this same situation. (Trying to get their kids in their own bed situation.) You're doing EXCELLENT, Lisa!! Such a great mommy! :) :) :)


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