Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sleeping...or not

We started out the new year by moving Lucy into her crib in what is now the girls' shared room. The first two nights were hell and then it was Len's turn to do night duty and of course, things improved. They are both continuing to go down quite well and stay down until...4:30am. Then one of them will wake up and cry which then wakes the other one and nothing Len or I have done can get them to go back to sleep.

This problem is compounded by the fact that naptimes are just simply not happening. The fact is that we have two completely temperamentally incompatible children. Lucy is a by-the-clock napper. She goes down without fanfare at noon and awakens 1 hour later. Period. She does not deviate from this by more than 15 minutes in either direction. Kate, as I have documented too many times to count, is an abominable napper. It takes about 20 minutes of reading, singing and general winding down towards the crib and then she *might* deign to close her eyes and sleep. This occurs once every 2-3 weeks. But, when Lucy was not in the room napping, I could at least get Kate to "rest" in her crib for that hour that Lucy was asleep. Now, Kate ends up waking Lucy up before the 1 hour is up so then both of them are crabby for the rest of the day from lack of sleep/rest.

To throw two more wrenches into this abysmal story, both of them appear to be cutting their 2 year molars and, AND!, they have been fighting a cold. Both are having trouble breathing through the green snot and stuffy noses, both are coughing off and on throughout the night and now, tonight, Kate's got a fever of 103. We gave her a tepid bath and loaded her up with turkey congee and water, some baby acetaminophen and some honey for her cough and put her to bed at 5:30pm. Lucy's temp. was normal so we followed her normal routine and got her into bed an hour later without waking Kate.

This day has been rather topsy-turvy. Lucy woke at 4:30am and I got in there before she could wake up Kate. I got her back down but that lasted for as long as it took me to get back into my own bed. She popped back up and cried, waking Kate. Grrr. So I watched them on the monitor and basically they both just sat there for the next 45 minutes, moaning a bit but not crying, so I didn't go in. At 5:30am Lucy decided she was done and ratcheted up the decibel level which spurred Kate to match her in volume. I went in, got both girls into dry diapers and then took them with me into the guest bedroom to lay down and let Len sleep late in our bedroom. I managed to get them both back to sleep for another 30 minutes but I didn't get to partake of that as I had two 25 lb kids on my body.

We had a lot of errands to run today so we decided to head out for a Julius Meinl brunch at 10:30am. Kate didn't have much of an appetite but Lucy hoovered through an entire banana, strawberry & nutella crepe, some of my smoked chicken spaetzle and most of the frothed milk from my cappuccino.

One of my favorite stores, Anthropologie, was nearby so we did a quick walk-though to see what was new and exciting in the land of retail. The girls loved all the textures and smells.
Oh yes, they were wearing their squeaky shoes!

We hit the grocery store on the way home and were just turning into our alley when I looked back to see both girls asleep in their carseats. They were so tired that we managed to get them upstairs, out of their shoes/dresses, clean diapers and into their cribs where they...napped. Lucy only stayed down for 30 minutes but Kate was out for 2 hours.
Uh oh. Got to go. It's 9:30pm and Kate is standing up in her crib, wide awake. I have a feeling it's going to be a long, painfully awake, night....


Jodie said...

Poor thing, she looks absolutely MISERABLE! :(

Heather H. said...

Oh gosh, I hope it turns out better than you think. While I only have one, I understand your frustration on the napping front. Most days i must take Emme for a ride to get her to fall asleep. Which means I can do nothing while she's napping: no nap myself, no house cleaning, no making phone calls; just driving (and usually a coffee from Timmy's to make me feel better and keep going).


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