Monday, January 9, 2012

Update on Kate

Kate went back to sleep at 9pm last night after about 1/2 hour of wide-awakefullness (not sure that's a word but it fits accurately). She had a very full wet diaper so Len changed that and then she drank another 6 oz. of water before laying back down to Len's lullaby singing her back to sleep. Lucy slept through it all thankfully.

I slept in the guest room so Len could get a full night's sleep before work and at 2am I was awakened by Kate saying, "All done with sleeping." I looked at the monitor and she was sitting up. I went in and she felt quite warm and had another full diaper. Got her changed, sat with her in the rocking chair while she drank another batch of water and nestled in saying she was done with sleeping and did not want back in her crib. I told her I would sit with her for a bit but that after singing she needed to go back to sleep.

Of course when the last song was done (and I gave LOTS of warning that the last lullaby was coming up) I got up to put her into bed. She laid down but then proceeded to wail. WAIL! And then, naturally, Lucy woke up wailing as well. Super fun to face that at 2:30am. Kate stood up and announced she was "ALL DONE WITH SLEEPING!" so I got her up and set her in the rocking chair. Then went over to Lucy who was also standing up. Cuddled her, told her Kate was sick and I was rocking her and that Lucy needed to go back to sleep. Laid her back down, covered up with blankets, kisses, and she quieted down and cuddled her bunny.

Back to Kate, back in the chair, covered us both with a light blanket and rocked for another 1/2 hour. Lucy's breathing deepened and she was back out. Kate was having trouble breathing unless she was upright so I brought her back to the guest room and she slept in there with me until Lucy woke up at 5:30am. Eased out of bed without waking Kate, got to Lucy and told her she had another 1/2 hour before Daddy was awake so she needed to lay back down. Surprisingly, she made it 25 minutes before popping back up and whining.

Back out of bed without waking Kate, diaper change for Lucy, took her in to Len, woke him up and then went back to fall into bed with Kate. Next thing I know it's 7:30am and Len is just getting up with Lucy. They both fell back asleep! Kate woke up as soon as she heard Lucy and then we were off and running. Nothing like moving at full speed rather quickly in order for Len to get ready for work on time.

Kate's temperature was back down to normal but her appetite was still nonexistent at breakfast. Thankfully, she is tossing back the fluids so no dehydration to worry about. We laid low, snacked on papaya (first time for both of them and they liked it!) mid-morning and then had lunch at 11:30. Both girls indicated they wanted a nap so I put them both down and they both slept...for 45 minutes. Lucy woke first, wailing as usual, which woke up Kate who looked very sleepy. I tried to get her to go back down but Lucy will not stay alone out in the living room, even with the tv on, so that was a massive fail. Kate felt hot again so I took her temp. 102.9. Crap.

Later in the afternoon Kate said she wanted a nap so this time I strapped Lucy into her highchair and turned on Caillou which she loves. I told her I was going to put Kate down for a nap and please, watch the show and I'll be back before it's over. That worked for all of 2 minutes. Then she started loudly shouting for me which I could ignore with the sound machine on. What I couldn't ignore was her full-on body slamming trying to get out. So, afternoon nap was a fail as well. Kate heard all the ruckus and refused to go down. The afternoon was filled with Kate either crying pitifully or saying, "Mama, Mama, Mama" over and over and over and over.........all while insisting I remain in full body contact with her for the next 4 hours until Len came home.  Lucy, not wanting to be left out, also started climbing over me, hanging onto my legs, trying to hug Kate and me at the same time...it was brutal.

If I'm never touched again it will be too soon.

Kate's temp stayed up all afternoon so I fed her egg noodles cooked in chicken broth, put her in a lukewarm bath and then into bed early again. She cried from the moment I got her undressed for her bath until 20 minutes after she was put into her crib.

Len is now getting Lucy ready for bed. Kate's been asleep for about 40 minutes so hopefully he can get Lucy into the room without waking Kate. I fear it's going to be another long night though.
Addendum: I heard Kate as Len was getting Lucy dressed in her jammies. A look at the monitor revealed Kate sitting up, wide awake and saying she's all done with sleeping. It's 6:50pm. This doesn't bode well.

We have Kate's 2 year checkup on Friday but it looks like I'll be calling Dr. E in the morning if there is no change before then.

And here's where we are: (in case you can't make out what she's saying: Mama eating supper? Wanna read. Wanna sit on couch. Want some water. Wanna go play. All done. No more sleeping. Want mama.


PinkDevora said...

Oh my. You certainly have your hands full, but you are so strong. I hope Kate recuperates quickly.

Jodie said...

I'm so sorry, Lisa! It's got to be awful for ALL of you! I must say that I'm glad you still have your sense of humor, though. I laughed a full on belly laugh at the picture of that....what kind of animal is it? HILARIOUS!! ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS!! The visual I had of the two girls strapping themselves to you....I just couldn't stop laughing! ;) Hoping all this passes soon, friend.

Heather H. said...

Ai ya! I feel for you. Take cat naps whenever you can! Good luck.

Chris said...

WOW. I don't know how you had the energy to even write that! LOL


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