Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Yes, I have been totally remiss in my postings for a bit. Frankly, I'm completely drained. Kate, my darling daughter, has become an insomniac. Every night when we put her to bed, she will lay there for a short while before crying. When I go in to see what is wrong she says, "Mama, I just can't sleep."

Yes, she is using pronouns now.  Just yesterday she said, "Mama, what are you making for yourself?" as I was making some lunch for...myself!  And today she said, "You and me!" when I asked her a question for which that reply would make sense...just can't remember what the question was now.  So very tired. Or did I mention that already?

Anywhooo. So. Yes. She is taking about 1/2-1 hour to go to sleep every night. And she's waking at 3am and not going back down. At all. As in, no nap. As in, awake from 3am until 8pm (we put her in bed between 6:30-7pm). And when she wakes at 3am she says the same thing, that she just cannot sleep, that she's really trying but she can't. It's really pitiful. And she can't seem to sleep in her crib or in our bed. All of this means that Lucy's sleep is also suffering. She manages to sleep through some of it but it's still not the restful sleep she should be getting. She, though, will fall back to sleep in my bed so she's at least ahead of Kate in the total number of hours asleep.

In what I thought would be a totally unrelated appointment, I took them to a chiropractor today. I went to an informational seminar at their offices one evening a couple of weeks ago and the doctor was talking about how a misaligned spine can affect everything from your bowels to your sleep. Ding ding!  Kate's sleep is atrocious lately and Lucy's been constipated since we brought her home. She poops about 5-6 times a day but they are all tiny, dry rabbit pellets that only emerge after much grunting and squatting.

I know you are happy for that bit of over-sharing.

Since they were offering a special introductory rate (and if we continue to go, our insurance will cover 26 visits for each family member) I signed us up for an evaluation.  Last week I took them in for an initial evaluation and did not mention Lucy's constipation. As he was checking her spine he asked if she was having any trouble with bowel movements because apparently something was misaligned in that region of her spine. I said yes and he said that adjusting her could help to fix that issue.

So today both girls were adjusted which took all of 5 minutes and caused them no trauma or even discomfort. They loved it and were smiley and happy through the entire visit. Lucy pooped three huge poops afterwards, two of which looked like what a normal poop should look like. But the best part was the change in her personality. We had speech therapy today and Annie immediately noticed how much more focused she was, that she looked taller, and how happy she seemed to be (all without me telling her that we had been to the chiropractor that morning).

Now on to Kate's reaction. She's asleep! She actually fell asleep on Jessica at 3:15pm while Lucy and I were in speech therapy.  This was the text I got from Jess this afternoon...

She hasn't fallen asleep on anybody since she was an infant. She's just not that kind of kid so for her to fall asleep on Jess means she was completely exhausted but also relaxed and feeling secure. She woke up disoriented and crying as Jess tried to put her in her crib but was easily soothed back down in the rocking chair and transferred successfully into the crib. No sound machine, windows open,

it was 61 degrees today!!!

door open. And she didn't wake up when we came home and Lucy went running down the hall looking for her.  Nor did she wake as I went in, turned on the sound machine, got out Lucy's jammies, closed the windows, and later, put Lucy down in her crib for the night.

I don't know if it was the adjustment or not but right now, I'm a believer. We're hoping this early sleep doesn't mean another night of wakefulness but we just couldn't bear to wake her since she has such a sleep deficit. Either way, we're going to bed early again so we can be prepared for the worst.


Karla said...

Good luck tonight. I hope she sleeps through the night!

JK said...

Before she sat on my lap and fell asleep she was having a rough time sitting on the floor. She started jerking her head every which way. And as Len puts it, "like sleeping in church", that's exactly how her head was bobbing. I soon realize she may just tumble over and hurt something. I asked if she wanted to sit on my lap and she said, "Yes". I attempted the "Walking on Joe" song, but soon realized I didn't know the words. After the first line of the song, Kate was out like a light. I was excited that she was able to go to sleep, but also stuck because she was on my lap. At this point I really had to go to the restroom, of course. I managed to turn and lay on my back with Kate still in my lap. After 40 minutes she woke up crying and crying and crying. I took her to the bedroom and rocked her in the chair while telling her to calm down it's okay. She said, "Yes I need to calm down." This little one has a very extensive vocabulary. I love it... after about a good 10 minutes of rocking and soothing, I asked her if she wants to lay in her crib with her night toys. She actually said yes. So, I put her on her stomach rubbed her back for a little bit and walked out. She wasn't sleep at this point, but very quiet. Then I looked back in and she was asleep.

Emily said...

First, go buy that chiropractor dinner!!!!!!! Hallelujah!!!!!! Makes me wNt to take the whole fam to a chiro!!!! ReLly hoping this works for all of you!!!!!!!

Elizabeth said...

That's great news Lisa. I have been wondering how you were doing. I have the same reaction as Kate after seeing my physio. Please let us all know tomorrow how things are going? Did you check into the melatonin? Also, saw a book today called Happy Kids by Cathy Glass. She is a foster parent in the UK and her books about the kids she has fostered are great. This book is about to raise happy kids and the first chapter partially previewed on Amazon is about teaching kids to sleep. Don't know if you are interested but thought of you immediately. Does your insurance cover 26 chiro, then 26 physio, then 26 massage? Ours covers 24 of each. Take care and get a good night's sleep.

Katie said...

I am a believer in chiro but some are not so good. So do your homework to find the right one.

Lisa said...

Thanks everyone! Elizabeth--I did some preliminary research on melatonin and the reviews are mixed on giving that to such young children. I thought before I turn to drugs I would see if we could do something that might work for the longer term. I'll check out the book--I'm always looking for new reads and appreciate the recommendations.


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