Friday, February 24, 2012

Girly Girls

Pigtails! Finally!

Yes, I know the parts aren't straight but threading fine hair on constantly swiveling heads through tiny elastics is a sport I will need more experience in.
 Kate's favorite way to remain attached to me at all times is to pull on my shirt.
Alas, the pigtails were short-lived. They were summarily all pulled out by Kate (she pulled out Lucy's too) and they retired to the window for some snow/people watching.


PinkDevora said...

The cuteness is awesome :)

ashley said...

Hi and I found your blog through HKI. Love it and your girls are adorable! Our daughter Lily, age 2.5 came home from Henan November 2010.
I feel for your nap time woes. My big boys are twins, so I well remember the days of trying to get 2 down for a nap.(they are teenagers now, so we are tying to teach both how to drive....so not fun!) I honestly cannot remember what I did to get them to nap but I know for sure it was challenging. Hope your find a system that works for both girls, and you.
And again, Kate and Lucy are just so darling!

Lisa said...

Thanks ladies! I think their rather cute too! And Ashley, I hadn't even thought about driving lessons so...thanks for that! :-)


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