Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Hellish Valentine's

In spite of yesterday's cute pictures.  It's 5am as I type this. Lucy is fretting about in her crib and I have to type this in small increments to go back in and keep her from getting so loud that she wakes Kate back up. Yes. Back up.  Here's how our Valentine's day/evening went:

Kate caught another cold this weekend so I knew this week was going to suck as her sleep whittles down to just a few hours at night when her nose is clogged.  So, Kate woke at 4:30am Valentine's day and never went back to sleep. Lucy woke up shortly thereafter. Although both girls said they were tired and wanted a nap, NEITHER OF THEM would take one. I finally removed Kate from the room since she has a history of not napping, which only caused Lucy to scream in outrage. I set Kate up on the sofa with her dollies and books and went back in to try to get Lucy to sleep. Was finally successful in that venture.

For 40 minutes. Then Lucy was up for the rest of the day.

By the time Len got home both girls were spinning tops and not in a good way. We got them into the tub and followed the normal routine. Kate fell fast asleep but Lucy cried and carried on for well over 30 minutes. We finally got our supper around 8pm.

Then Kate wakes at 12:30am. And stays up until 4:30am. Her final hurrah was to let us angrily know that she was NOT HAPPY about being made to sleep at such an ungodly hour. Loud enough to wake Lucy. Once Lucy was nice and awake, Kate lay down and fell soundly asleep. Yes. Yes she did.

It's now 5:30am (it's taken me 1/2 an hour just to get this typed) and I've been in their room every single time Lucy stands up and wails at the railing. I've lost count of how many times that is. She has given up calling for Mama anymore and has shifted allegiance to Daddy in the hopes he will have a different program. Alas, Daddy is asleep so she's stuck with me going in every time she stands up to lay her back down and tell her night-night. Fortunately, with each trip it's longer between interventions by me and her whining is at a lower octave.

And we have a full day ahead. Dentist followup this morning, Jessica arrives at 2pm so I can take Lucy to speech therapy at 3pm. Should be an interesting day. I just hope we all survive as I am the one with the least amount of sleep in this scenario.


Emily said...

here's a thought that should make you smile---- God WILL repay your girls for what they are doing.... they TOO will have children waking them up at all times of night and early morning... then, you will sit back, and smile.... until then.. drink lots of coffee.:)

Jodie said...

Love and totally agree with Emily's thought! :) Hoping today is going a lot smoother than you had anticipated.

Elizabeth said...

Oh Lisa, my heart goes out to you. It must be so difficult with the girls sharing a room but you worked too hard with Lucy to get her there to let her back in your bed. Can you doctor Kate up any with Children's Tylenol or Advil so she has a clearer nose and will sleep. Don't get me wrong, I don't advocate the use of drugs, but in this case it might help all of you sleep. Hope the day goes better and all is good with the dentist and the speech therapist. Will be thinking of you!

Lisa said...

Thanks all. Hanging in here. Lucy is down for a nap and Kate is zoned out watching Caillou, thus the ability to check email! Elizabeth--have tried baby tylenol which helps with fever but doesn't really help her nose. I did get a new humidifier though so perhaps that will help for tonight!


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