Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Playing together

At long last, the girls seem to have stretches where they play together. Some of the time it looks like this video: no intervention from Mama necessary for things to go along smoothly. In fact, they seem to have their own communication for part of the time. Notice, though, that Lucy still follows Kate's lead when playing. As soon as Kate heads for the additional chairs Lucy says, No, No, No over and over again. Then doesn't seem to know what the next step should be once the chairs are in place. I think she's learning HOW to play by following Kate.

And then there are times like this when things don't work out quite as well for us.

In case you didn't catch it at the end, Kate said, "I'm going to go get another pair." I fully expected her to add to the front of that sentence, "Oh, the hell with it."

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