Monday, February 13, 2012

Rash, Part 2

Now Lucy has a rash...has had it for a few days in fact. Unfortunately it's not the same type of rash that Kate had so we're back to searching for the cause.  It seems to move around her body. Sunday it was primarily on her chest and belly. This morning it was in her groin area as well and by this afternoon her chest had cleared up but her back and chin looked like hell.  I haven't changed any of our laundry detergents, soaps, lotions, etc. since we've had her. Dr. doesn't seem to think it is food related so...stumped.

Looks awful though and is itchy so we'll probably be headed to the doctor's office for Valentine's day. That should make Kate happy as she has been talking about him for a week:

Kate: I want to go see Dr. Ettner.

Me: You do? 

Kate: Yes. I think he's cute.

Me: (gulp--um, did my 2 year old really just say that??! I MUST REDIRECT...) He is nice, huh? You get to play with the tape measure and have your heart listened to...

Kate: Yeah. Wanna go see him. Lucy does too.

And then Lucy clapped her hands and smiled. Oh dear. We are so in trouble.


madhuri malireddy said...

My son has same rashes too did you figure the reason for getting these rashes????


madhuri malireddy said...

Did you get to know the reason?

Lisa said...

It turns out it was a new detergent I was using that had lavender and eucalyptus in it. Once I changed that her symptoms disappeared

madhuri malireddy said...

Thank You!


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