Sunday, February 5, 2012

See the difference?

This morning Len got to sleep in (I got to yesterday!) so I cooked the girls some pancakes and then started in making an edamame salad for our afternoon potluck. In the meantime, the girls hauled in their toys to try to trip me play in the kitchen. Notice anything about their respective clumps? Kate's is in a straight line and she knows exactly what she has in the line. Lucy's is more of a free-form clump and her main goal is to have MORE in the pile. Notice that she takes Kate's white cup while Kate is gone. Kate comes back and soon starts to say "Water?" which means she has noticed that the white cup is gone. Welcome to my world.

This next video is ridiculously long (and probably boring even to the grandparents) but it shows, again, how they play. What one does, the other must do. And the white cup is now being tossed about as if it wasn't, JUST MINUTES AGO, the most coveted item in the pile. And through it all there is the endless teaching of manners.

All before 8:30am.


Heather H. said...

I'm confused. What happened to the rule that if their hands weren't on it, the other one could take it?

Lisa said...

Yeah, we had to amend now that they are making individual piles. They kept trying to walk around carrying it all and then falling down, dropping stuff, crying about it, etc. It's a constant struggle to stay ahead of things that will cause meltdowns.

Jodie said...

For the record, I was not bored at all. I so enjoy watching the girls. :)


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