Monday, February 20, 2012

So glad last week is over!

Wow. What a tough week that was. Kate awakened every morning sometime between 3-5am and most of the time brought Lucy along for the ride. It was so not fun in any way. But get this. Len took over Saturday night duty since I had a night out at a wine bar with the ladies. I got to sleep in Sunday morning. And so did Len. At least, he got to sleep through the night until 6:15am when Lucy woke up. CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS??

And yes, 6:15am is sleeping in at our house now.

So I'm thinking the brutal night waking by Kate is over now that her cold is gone. I took over again Sunday night since Len had to work today. And guess who woke at 4:30am? Me! Anticipating the worst. And the worst happened 45 minutes later when both of them woke up. And they stayed awake. I still have been unsuccessful in getting them to just be in the room together to "rest". Lucy does not "rest". She either sleeps or she cries...LOUDLY.  And Kate just sits in her crib and says "All done!!" over and over again.

Ok. I'm done. Now on to more pleasant issues. We had another birthday party to attend on Sunday, this time for Arnav, who is in our playgroup.
It was held at a play cafe (these places are quite popular in the city, especially in winter) and the entertainment was Mr. Singer, a kid's musician.
The girls liked him but I think it went on a bit too long for Kate's taste. She wandered over to the bookshelf and proceeded to settle in with a book, right in the front of the stage! Hope his ego wasn't damaged by that diss.
Yeah. That's what happens when you have two English majors for parents. Reading in the middle of the dance floor. Makes me proud and weepy actually!
She even got Lina to sit down and read with her too!
After dancing came dinner. The girls in our playgroup all sat together...Kate, Lucy, Ava and Lina.
A little more playtime after supper and then we got the girls home, bathed and straight into bed.

This week is another busy one. We had wiggleworms this morning as usual and then we met for a small playdate with the local adoption group late this afternoon. Most of the kids were domestic adoptions but it was still nice to connect with other moms who have been through the process. Tomorrow we have our 6 month post-adoption visit with our social worker. No, it's not been 6 months yet but since it is due at 6 months we have to meet a month prior in order to get all the paperwork done. Wednesday is a dental appointment for me in the morning (and Lucy's first time being left with a sitter....). Our speech therapy was cancelled yet again (grrrr). Thursday morning is our usual playgroup and Friday is our last visit by Early Intervention for Lucy's feeding therapy (yay!).

Among all of those things are a few fun events for the adults...I have a book club meeting on Tuesday evening (like I actually had time to read a novel...I go for the wine and girl-chat) and then dinner out with my friend Hema on Wednesday night. Len's birthday is Thursday (holler!) and he has a night out with Lina's daddy, Gustav, on Sunday night.

Last week and this week are pretty abnormal for us--we're not usually this busy but everything seemed to just steamroll into a hot mess made worse for Kate's cold, teething by both girls and lack of sleep. Fortunately, next week looks to be much quieter!

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