Friday, February 17, 2012

Update on sundry items

1. Lucy's rash is gone. I ended up applying the same ointment I used for Kate's rash on Lucy at bedtime and by the next morning it was gone. So, no trip to the doctor was needed. Still have no idea what it was but contact dermatitis seems to be the logical answer for now since the ointment is primarily prescribed for that. She's allergic to something so now it's a process of elimination to figure out what.

2. Kate's cold is nearing the end. She has still been waking every morning at f*cking 4:30am and then not going back to sleep. And waking Lucy. Fortunately, I've managed to get Lucy back down until sometime in the 6am hour while bringing Kate with me to bed. Not exactly restful but at least I'm prone while I'm with her.

3. Lucy had her physical therapy exam yesterday at Children's. She passed with flying colors. You may remember that our speech therapist noticed a few things and recommended we get her evaluated. We had her evaluated by Early Intervention as soon as we got back from China but she wasn't running then, was not able to walk as far as she can now and did not have her ear tubes. She was evaluated pretty thoroughly (we were there with the therapist for a little over an hour). She climbed up and down stairs, ran down the hall, climbed onto a low exam table, and did a plethora of other challenges involving balance and core strength. She did quite well on everything.

4. Sleep is hard to come by. It's almost 9:30pm and I'm logging off and going to bed. In the meantime, enjoy this short clip of our little monkey in action at the park today.

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