Sunday, March 11, 2012

Finally, a long-overdue post

I find I am always a bit remiss in my postings when we have company. This past week my mom was visiting while Len was out of town on business and I have to say, I miss her already. She flew home early Sunday much to Kate's and Lucy's (and mine too) dismay. She was such a big help all week and the girls just loved having her here.
They woke up in time to see us off to the airport. The promise of waffles made by Daddy eased the blow just a bit though.
We spent the rest of the day enjoying 60+ degree weather at the lake.
We didn't plan ahead to stay and have a picnic, thus we had no food. It was lunchtime and the thought of going back inside was not agreeable to any of us soooo.....the closest "restaurant" was McD. I have thus far managed to pretty much feed the girls organic and home-made or at least meals made of whole foods. But, desperate times call for desperate measures and we succumbed to the lure of fast food.
 Here are the girls enjoying their very first happy meal.
I say enjoy loosely because the only things they ate were the fries and the apple slices. The cheeseburger got 2 nibbles from Kate but Lucy wouldn't even let it grace her lips. After lunch we loaded them into the stroller where they napped while we walked the lakefront for an hour.

Not a bad way to spend a Sunday!


Heather H. said...

Ooh, looks nice! We still have a lot of snow on the ground, though a lot melted last Thursday.

By the way, it's all downhill from here. McDonald's now owns you. ;)

Pingping used to only eat chicken nuggets, and then only with the breading removed. She still prefers the inside of the nuggets and I'm OK with that. But lately she's been all about the burgers, though she has them totally plain and doesn't eat the bun. Mostly, for us, it's about the toy and getting to play with other kids in the playroom...especially during the winter months!


Len said...

For the record Nana...I was also dismayed that you had to go!



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