Thursday, March 1, 2012

Heart Letter, Month 27

Dear Lucy,

You are 27 months old today.   
This has been a month of huge physical leaps. Literally. You have learned to hop! With both feet off the ground at the same time, you now hop, hop, hop everywhere. You are so thrilled with this accomplishment and I must say, seeing your funny face makes me laugh every time.
In addition to hopping, climbing and jumping off of things are your new favorite pastimes.  You seem to have an innate sense for climbing, putting your feet and hands in just the ride places to pull yourself up whether it’s on bars or a rock wall. I only have to guide you once or twice for you to get the hang of it and do it yourself. 
You are, thankfully, a bit more cautious about jumping off of things. You so want to be able to leap off of the play platforms at the park like the bigger kids do but you’re still not sure what will happen if you do. So we practice with me holding your hands and you leap with only one foot, the other planted firmly on the platform, causing you to torque sideways. Neither of us finds that much fun and yet we practice it at your insistence several times each day.
Your language babbling has increased markedly this month as well. You are always chattering away and now, sometimes, I can actually make out some words. Your favorite word is, sadly, NO. You aren’t content to say it just once though. Instead you say, NO NO NO NO NO!, to which both Kate and I tend to reply, YES YES YES YES YES! Then we all have a good giggle at how ridiculous our conversation is. You are starting to use several syllables in your word attempts and at speech therapy we are working on 2 and 3 words phrases like I want car. You can now say these words quite clearly:

Hi Dada or Mama
Bye Bye Dada or Mama
All done
Night Night
Yia Yia
BeBe (for baby)
Yeah (we’re working on Yes and eventually, Yes Ma’am)
Speaking of saying Yes Ma’am, you are learning some nice manners. Yesterday for the first time, you covered your sneeze without me saying anything to you. When I noticed, you smiled wide and then mock-sneezed several more times with your hand over your mouth. Quite cute you are!
The major blemish this month was actually a physical one and it was all over your body. You developed a mighty itchy, gnarly-looking series of raised welts everywhere. 
Dr. E ruled out a few things and suggested it was contact dermatitis of some kind so I have spent the last week washing every single piece of clothing or linen in our house with a new brand of unscented detergent and unscented dryer sheets. Do you have any idea how much laundry that is? I think it's working though as you've been rash-free for 2 days so all that folding was worth it after all!

We celebrated Chinese New Year and you were enraptured by the dancing dragon. 
You would not, however, go inside the dragon head until Kate did it first. You loved the music and dancing and seemed to really like hearing all of the people speaking Chinese. 
You are opening up a lot more socially while at the same time staying close to me and checking in with me several times wherever we are. We seem to have made a great leap together in attachment this month and I am really enjoying our new closeness.

You are my cuddlebunny.

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