Monday, March 12, 2012

Love Letter, Month 26

Dear Kate,

You are 26 months old today.
As usual, I just cannot keep up with the verbal leaps you make every month. I know I did a double-take when I received my first unsolicited “Thank you Mama”. What a lovely thing to hear at the end of a long day!
You are using pronouns pretty much exclusively now. For example, here are some sample sentences you’ve uttered this month:

Me and Mama and Lucy and Daddy are going to the park.

What are you making for yourself, Mama?

I want some pumice. (which is your word for hummus)

I want my Nana!

You sit down right here Lucy.

Have I mentioned your bossiness yet? You’re quite bossy. You have definite ideas about where people need to sit, what I need to be doing at any given moment, what books are an acceptable choice for story time, what you would like to eat, etc. etc., ad nauseam.
We had quite a few birthday parties to attend this month and you never tired of singing Happy Birthday to your friends. You sang to Arnav, Lina and Daddy, not only on the designated birthday day but nearly everyday thereafter. Yep, I’m LOVING the happy birthday song. Loving it. Truly. Loving. It.

You have so far enjoyed all the birthday parties but you completely cracked us up at Arnav’s. You were totally into Mr. Singer for the first part of his program, venturing onto the dance floor and paying close attention to the music
 and doing all the motions as directed
even dancing with Lina, Lucy and Ms. Sara
but eventually you tired of all the singing and dancing and proceeded straight to the non-scheduled reading portion of the program…right in the middle of his stage.
You managed to rope Lina into it towards the end as well.
Reading is one of your favorite activities but being naked is a close second. Every evening will find you gleefully shedding your clothes and tearing through the house. Most of the time you leave your clothes in the hallway near the bathroom but on one particular night you were feeling all designey and your socks ended up adorning the kitchen cabinets.

I am sad to say that you enjoyed your very first happy meal.

The fries were your favorite by far with the cheeseburger only getting a few nibbles. The My Little Pony toy surprise though was cause for much joy and celebrating. It’s not every day you find toys in your food! Keep that in mind please because seriously, it’s not hardly any day, ever, that you will find toys in your food.

We hit a milestone in the hair department—piggy tails! You aren’t nearly as excited about them as Lucy but you will humor me on occasion and leave them in long enough for a picture.
Your sleep is becoming chronically MIA.  Your naps are non-existent unless you are in the car or stroller and your night-time sleep is still prone to middle-of-the-night wakings. In an effort to find a non-narcotic solution I took you for your first chiropractor appointment.  After your first adjustment you came home and actually fell asleep on Ms. Jessica.  Literally ON her which is amazing since you’ve not fallen asleep on anybody since you were an infant.
You have now been twice and both times you were a champ, laying on the bench and relaxing as you were adjusted. 

Another big leap forward this month is your ability to amuse yourself for longer and longer periods. You will play on your own for up to 20 minutes on some days. Your favorite things to play with this month are your dollies, the train set, the pizza set and a fabulous tent and sleeping bag that Ms. Laurie and Mr. Jeff sent you two. It has provided many hours of entertainment for both of us as I sit and listen to your endless discussions with your dollies in the tent.
And that pretty much describes you most of the time. You are an amazingly easy child (except when you aren’t and then it’s super annoying because I’ve been lulled into a false sense of complacency), all smiley and happy and “talking up a blue streak” (as your Nana would say).

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