Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Sea Veggies?

We had our well-baby checkup yesterday with Dr. E. All was well for the most part.  Here are the updated stats (with stats from 2 months ago in parenthesis):

Weight: 26.5lbs in a diaper (24lbs 12oz naked)
Height: 34.5" recumbent length (34" recumbent)
Head: 45cm (45.5cm)--hmmm, some head shrinking perhaps? :-)

Weight: 27lbs naked (26lbs naked)
Height: 36" recumbent length (35 1/4" recumbent)
Head: 47 1/2cm (47cm)

It appears that Lucy's right ear tube may have fallen out. That sucks. We will go see the ENT in a couple of months to see what needs to be done.

Lucy's horrible rashes have disappeared completely. Turns out the unscented laundry detergent I buy looks exactly the same as the lavender/eucalyptus scent. I spent several days washing every article of clothing, sheets and towels in the unscented brand and that was it. No more rashes.

She does, however, still have recurring eczema on her torso and face and her constipation has not improved even with increased liquids, fruits, veggies and mineral oil. So we are going to cut out milk and cheese to see if things improve. To keep up her calcium without a lot of supplements we'll continue with the kale and spinach, kefir (fermented dairy is not on the off-limits list) and, under the recommendation of Dr. E, sea vegetables.

Wait, wha??

I have heard of them but never cooked with them or eaten them. He talked me through a few ideas for starting and then recommended this website.  Any readers out there who are familiar cooking/eating these? If so, I'd love to hear from you!


Terry said...

So was the diaper full or empty upon weigh-in?

Lisa said...

It had a little pee so was not completely dry!


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