Thursday, March 1, 2012

Update to yesterday's post

So yesterday, we went ahead and let Kate sleep instead of waking her for supper. Things went fairly well last night. Kate woke up at 9:30pm and was pretty darn chipper. She ate some supper and cuddled with us for a bit. We kept her time awake low-key with reading and quiet play. Since it was Len's turn for night-duty I went to bed and Len followed her same night-time routine of bath, etc. around 11pm and was just getting her ready to go back into her crib when Lucy woke up at 11:45pm. Kate happily lay down anyway while Len worked on getting Lucy back down. Turns out Lucy was the nocturnal nymph last night. She was up and down a few times while Kate slept through until 6:30am. Lucy's last wake-up was at 4:40am whereupon she screamed and cried to get out of the crib for 30 or so minutes. Len remained steadfast that she had to stay in bed until it was time to get up at 6am. She finally acquiesced and slept until both of them woke at 6:30am.

Looks like Kate finally got 12 hours of sleep again which is her normal amount of night-time sleep. Although it wasn't consecutive she was pretty docile about going to bed for the first time in weeks. Lucy had another big BM this morning that was a combo of normal looking and pellets so we're moving in the right direction there as well. Guess I'll be scheduling follow-up chiropractic appointments!

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