Sunday, April 22, 2012

Ahhh, the weekend. How lovely and how fleeting.

I am feeling much better this evening. I remember much more about Friday's procedure than I was promised I would. I ended up waiting well over 2 hours because they wanted me in the only room that is capable of housing both the ultrasound equipment and the CT machine. The room was enormous and freezing but I had a great team working on me. The doctor used the ultrasound first to see if he would be able to proceed without the CT machine. After much pressing and rolling around, he said it was a go. I was looking forward to being knocked out at this point because they were QUITE LOW on my abdomen...as in, not really my abdomen anymore...as in, shaving was next on the agenda.

Dry shaving.

By a man (barely a man though, if he was a day over 20 I would be surprised...) covered in tats. I told him if I ended up with someone's initials down there he would have some explaining to do.

This was quickly followed by a nurse "sterilizing" the area. Think alcohol. On a newly dry-shaved patch of very tender skin. And I'm asking, literally, "Where is my iv? Drugs? Anyone?"

They hooked me up to oxygen and turned on the iv and the world became, thankfully, blurry and dull around the edges. Most of the rest is a blur except I do remember telling them I could feel cramping during one of their forays for tissue samples and then I heard the doctor tell them to turn up the pain meds.

The rest of it Len covered in his post on Friday. Pretty uneventful. The only thing he left out was that I am not allowed to take a bath for a week, only showers. No bath?! I have taken a bath nearly every night for the past 45 years! It's how I wind down, relax, read my trashy mags...a shower just is not the same. Sigh.

Saturday Len let me sleep in while he took the girls to the park and then out to lunch. They both fell asleep in the stroller so he ended up walking them around for their naps, coming home around 2:30pm. I spent a decadent day lolling on the couch in my jammies, sipping hot tea and watching WHATEVER I WANTED. It was heavenly, except when I tried to move. I was sore and could not lift the girls which  made bath and bedtime difficult but we managed well enough.

I was allowed to removed the dressing in the shower last night revealing two medium-sized, slightly bloody holes, some pretty blue bruises and a haphazard shave. At least I didn't have a skull hedge or a cancer sign neatly trimmed into my feminine forest.

My fabulous friend Christy brought over some home-made empanadas, wine and alfajores. They were delish!
Len let me sleep in again today so I woke to an empty house. Len had taken the girls to the park for "soccer" practice. He met up with Lina and her daddy, Gustav, "other" Lucy and her daddy Fernando, and Sloane and Naia and their daddy Geoff.
Len said it mostly ended up being the kids all holding onto their own balls in order to keep them away from everyone else. They eventually ended up at the playground! Len took them to lunch again and got home around 2pm while I enjoyed the quiet solitude.

The other big event today was that Kate finally learned to hop! She has been practicing for over a month and finally both of her feet left the ground at the same time. She was so proud and thrilled!

Hopping finally! from Lisa on Vimeo.

You may notice another female voice in the background. That is the lovely Marisa who will soon be transitioning into our home as a part-time sitter.  She came highly recommended by a friend as well as Ms. Pat and this was our second interview with her. We knew Jessica would be around for only a short time so we've been working on finding a replacement to start this summer. Jessica will be around for a couple more weeks but has been hired back by the summer camp where she worked last year. We will miss her!

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Elizabeth said...

Missed this post somehow! It sounds like quite the procedure my friend. Yikes! Put me out is right! Dry shaving and in that location - ouch! Congratulations Kate on your jumping! You made me tired and dizzy just watching you.


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