Tuesday, April 17, 2012


"It was...my twin!" I'm seriously hoping that my biopsy will turn out to have teeth and hair...my long-lost twin. I am a Gemini after all!

My "bibopsy" is scheduled for this Friday at 3pm. It will be performed by an Interventional Radiologist at Northwestern. They are not sure yet whether he can complete the surgery with just an ultrasound or if he will need a CT scan...they have reserved both rooms for me just in case. The nurse said it will probably take about 2 hours and I will be sedated.

That's all I know for now. Will post more as I know.


Elizabeth said...

I am glad you heard and got a date. This is the next step and you are doing a great job about crossing one bridge at a time my friend. I am keeping you in my thoughts and sending lots of good ones your way. Will be thinking of you at 3:00 on Friday. It sounds like you are in very good hands. Modern medicine is amazing! I have been worried that you were facing fairly significant surgery for the biopsy so this is positive in that it is minimally invasive. Take care,

Emily said...

is this an intervention??!!!;) sorry- lame intervention joke...
i pray your intervention goes well- that it does NOT have teeth or hair-- ewww... and that they inure what the heck it is and what to do with it...:)

Lynn K said...

A bibopsy doesn't seem as scary! I will be with you on Friday, thinking of you. I hope it all goes well.


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