Saturday, April 14, 2012


I love weekends. Len is home. The girls and I are much more relaxed with him here. There really is just nothing at all that I don't like about weekends, except that they don't last long enough.  Today was a great day. We had  brunch with the mamas in our playgroup but this time our husbands came too. It was a plot concocted by some seriously overworked SAHMs...how to get a few hours in our houses on a weekend morning...ALONE. I know! Let's get the guys to take the kids to the park for soccer: the kids get tired playing outside, we don't have to pay for soccer classes, the guys can form relationships, and, most importantly, the moms get some seriously needed downtime.

Amazingly, most of the husbands went for it. We met for brunch so the guys could exchange emails and ideas for when to meet. After brunch the guys and kids all headed to the park a block away while we mamas enjoyed a newly-quiet house and sipped mimosas. Quite a lovely morning!

A bonus for the girls: on our walk back to the car we saw three bunnies in a yard happily munching away on dandelion flowers. Kate exclaimed, "It's the Easter Bunnies Mama!" Surprisingly, this declaration and Lucy's plaintive, "Buba, Buba!" didn't scare them away. 

We got home about 2 hours later than Lucy's normal naptime so she was a bit out of it still when she awakened 1 1/2 hours later. The lovely thing about this is that Lucy is quite cuddly when she's sleepy. Love, Love, LOVE it when she cuddles up to have her back scratched! (Apologies on the grainy video...lighting was bad + used the older camera)

Lazy Afternoon from Lisa on Vimeo.


Jodie said...

Soooooo sweet! :)

Lynn K said...

How cute is that? Complete bonding moment. Sweet and lovely.


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