Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Darwinian Dentistry, Parts 1 & 2

We had another visit today with Dr. Boyd, the pediatric dentist who is part of Lucy's cleft palate team. He is also Kate's dentist so both girls go at the same time. Dr. Boyd is leading the way in finding new approaches to orthodontia. I say new but Dr. Boyd says this line of thinking has been discussed for the past 40 years or so but is still not mainstream with most dentists.

As I discussed about in their first visit and in their second visit, they have both been wearing the infant trainers during the day. Kate is up to anywhere from 30-60 minutes and Lucy can manage 20-30 minutes most days. The goal is to get them sleeping with it. Kate went to bed with hers tonight so we'll see where I find it in the morning. Lucy had hers in until she settled in to bed to suck on her blanket and then handed it to me with an "all done!"

The improvements are already noticeable. Dr. Boyd was unable to manipulate Lucy's mouth to close with her bottom and top teeth touching in our first visit. On Wednesday's visit she was able to do it without much guidance from him at all.

If you are interested in his research, I'm attaching two files of his published work. We are working together to *hopefully* have him do some guest posts here explaining Lucy's treatment plan for her cleft, using pictures of her mouth throughout her treatment, etc. If you are interested in this please let me know. I know a few of you have adopted cleft children and might be more interested in it than most.

Dr. Boyd--Darwinian Dentistry Part 1

Dr. Boyd, Darwinian Dentistry Part 2

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