Monday, April 23, 2012

Finishing up projects

Remember I was working on a few projects a while ago? They are finally pretty much complete.

The first is this family portrait over our fireplace. Both girls spotted it immediately and Lucy was thrilled to see herself up there!
We got a smaller photo made that will be mounted the same way, with chrome posts instead of a frame, but haven't had the chance to mount it yet. It will be in the girls' room.
Since Lucy's photos from her life at the orphanage were all originals (and I was afraid they would get damaged or lost, etc) I scanned them all in and had them bound into a book for her. She loves to look at her photos.
 A sample page inside.
 I also had a book made to house all of our China photos. The thought of printing them all out and then manually mounting them into an album made me exhausted before I could even start. Thank goodness for the internet once again. A few uploads, some text, some clicks of the mouse and a credit card was all it took.
 Some sample pages.
I'm not including photos of the last project which was to print out some current pictures of both Lucy and Kate to have in frames around the house and in their room. The girls noticed right away and I think it helps Lucy to feel as if she belongs in this house to see herself pictured in every room.


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous and thoughtful and lovely. Makes me want to update the photos around our house!

PinkDevora said...

They look fantastic! What company did ou use for the books? I need to do the same.

Lisa said...

For the love and heart letters I used blog2print which will print and bind your blog. For the photos and books I used shutterfly.

Karla said...

I am kind of addicted to photo books, so it was so fun to see some you made. Hope all is well with you and your family. You are in my prayers.

Elizabeth said...

Hoping you are feeling a bit better. So glad Len posted the other night and let us all know how it went. You amaze me Lisa! How you do this with two toddlers is amazing. The books look absolutely wonderful. I love the cover of Lucy's. I think having pictures of her in every room is a fabulous idea. I too would like to know which company you used. What keepsakes for the girls.

Elizabeth said...

P.S. You are fortunate to have so many photos of Lucy from the orphanage. I fear that there will be very few if any of my child. I plan to do what others have done and when I find her, send the orphanage disposable cameras to start taking pictures.


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