Sunday, April 29, 2012


We were leaving Hema's house on Thursday after our playgroup. Before we headed on our respective ways, the girls decided to practice their jumping techniques. Since Kate has only just now learned how to jump on a flat surface, she wasn't too keen on leaping off a step. Lucy, Lina and "Other Lucy"* did not have any such misgivings. In fact, watch closely for Lina to actually leap off 2 steps!

I love that they are now at the age where they are making up games to play with each other. Kate takes on the Diva part, encouraging the other girls to pet and dote on her. Lina readily complies. I find it funny that when Lucy starts her fake Diva whine, Lina stands in her face and whines back but then goes back to petting Kate. Lucy and Lina are very much alike in temperament so play well together with the physical games. With Kate the play is much more low-key. It's nice to have friends don't you think?

Playdate from Lisa on Vimeo.

*Other Lucy is what our girls call Christy's daughter Lucy. Funnily enough, Kate is now actually calling our Lucy "my Lucy" now. Alternately, she'll call Other Lucy "my other sister Lucy." Too cute.

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