Sunday, April 1, 2012

Heart Letter, Month 28

Dear Lucy,

You are 28 months old today.  We achieved a milestone this month—6 months in our family. What a difference that has made for both of us.

You have gone from a sallow-faced, empty-eyed, bewildered toddler
into a rosy-cheeked, sparkly-eyed, happy little girl.
Your entire demeanor has changed since the first day we held you. Before when I would pick you up, you would not hold on. You were dead weight. You would avoid eye contact and rarely smiled unless you wanted something. Now you laugh and smile and cling to me like a monkey every morning. I look forward to seeing your smiley face and listening to your budding vocabulary.

Yes, I said vocabulary. You have made amazing strides with your speech, most of it in the last 2 weeks. You are making multi-syllable babbling sounds as well as striving to use the correct vowel sounds for words like oatmeal and baby. In fact, yesterday morning when I asked if you would prefer eggs or oatmeal you said, "O-me". You actually finally made the E sound just a few days ago! Because of all this progress, you have graduated to every-other-week speech therapy with Ms. Annie.
I know you will miss seeing her every week since you got to play dress up and have the undivided attention of 2 adults for a solid hour every Wednesday.

Speaking of graduating, you have also been cleared from feeding therapy with Early Intervention. You can now slurp noodles in, feed yourself with a fork and spoon, and drink out of a cup.
We visited Dr. Vicari, your plastic surgeon, this month and you got a clean bill of health for another year. This visit was not nearly as traumatic for you. After an initial bit of trepidation upon laying on the exam table

you settled right in and said "ahhhh" when he asked to look in your mouth.
Your physical appearance is not just limited to your rosier complexion. Your body has grown like a weed! These were your stats from October 2011 when we brought you home:

Head: 45cm
Weight: 23lb 10oz (but they weighed you in a diaper and a onesie)
Height: 33"

And here were your latest stats this month:

Head: 47 1/2cm
Weight: 27lbs naked
Height: 36" recumbent length

To wrap up the medical side of this letter, let me also mention the chiropractor. You've been going once a week this month and it has made a huge difference in your sleep and constipation issues. Unfortunately, it didn't solve all of your problems so we experimented with no milk or cheese for a week to see if you would have a positive reaction and you did. All of your intestinal issues seem to have eased and your eczema is gone as well. The good thing is that you don't seem to really care that these two items are missing in your life as long as you can still have your kefir and yogurt.

We had a lovely visit from your Nana this month and I was so happy to see that you totally remembered her. You ran right up and made yourself quite comfortable in her lap where you stayed for a good bit of her visit.
Far and away, most days are pretty good now albeit with one caveat. You do seem to pick at least 2-3 days out of a week to test me. Can we just cut to the chase with you understanding that I will always love you and protect you, will never leave you no matter how bloody awful you have been that day? It sure would save a lot of angst. No. Really. It would. Because those days when you do seem to get it, are splendid, don't you think?

Do you know where your favorite place is? Anywhere outside. I only need hint that we *might* be going out *sometime* in the future and you have hustled over to the shoe tray to gather everyone's shoes. You can now hang upwards of 45 seconds on the monkey bars, can climb to the highest slides in the park and swing on the tire swing with no fear.
When you aren't at the park, you are usually content to color your face with chalk, dig in the dirt, or just play in the rain.
I love that you can find fun with just a box, your sister and your daddy.
Kate now introduces you to everyone with, "This is Lucy, my sister." What a difference 6 months has made. What a difference you've made in our family.


mommy of 2 said...

Beautiful :)

Lynn K said...

This is such a sweet letter. She will cherish it in years to come.

Elizabeth said...

Another beautiful letter Lisa! One that Lucy will cherish when she is older. I love the pictures at the beginning. On those challenging days remember all your lovin', TLC, feeding and everything else your doing is making this little girl happy and healthy. Keep up the amazing work! Did Lucy ever win the lottery joining your family!!!!!


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