Sunday, April 8, 2012

"Hoppy" Easter!

Let me start by saying how grateful we are by the support, comments, emails, & phone calls we've received about my recent medical issues. We are beyond moved by so many of you reaching out to us. We will make it through whatever this turns out to be, especially with all of you behind us.
Easter finally came, much to the girls' delight! They gave us a present by quietly playing in their cribs until 6:40am--even Lucy who usually wakes up crying. Let's start with yesterday, though, and the dyeing of the eggs. We invited our downstairs neighbors up to join in the fun.

 Quite a few eggs needed bandaids...
We followed up the egg decorating with a little pedicure. Lucy and Kate blew on their nails while I polished Zadie's.
Easter morning the Easter bunny came and hid all of the eggs that they had made. Kate said, "What a silly bunny mama!"

I simply could not get a photo of them in the morning without Kate's finger in her nose. I'm sad to say that she is currently obsessed with boogers.
 Such a ham.
 Is it time to find the eggs?
Inspecting the contents of a plastic egg.
 Kate's first Peep. She was unimpressed as you will see later as she crams them into Zadie's mouth.
 Lucy, however, LOVED them.
 But still wanted to share with Daddy.
Finally the time came to go find those eggs!
 Here's Kate feeding her Peep to Zadie, piece by piece.
 Until she got tired of taking pieces off and just crammed the rest of it into her mouth.
 Lucy got a bit tired and needed a cuddle break.
 After a cuddle and a kiss all was better!
 Our very first Happy Easter all together!
David, Zadie and Jen (who is due with Zadie's brother in 4 weeks!)
We then headed up the street for dim sum.
 Zadie loved the congee!
After lunch the girls headed to the stage to jump and play before we headed home for naps. Zadie got some serious air under her with her stage diving.
After naps we headed out to the lakefront for a bike ride.
 It was a great day which *mostly* kept our minds off the week ahead.


Jodie said...

Most of us have some great memories growing up, but Kate and Lucy have such a wonderful mommy that they won't only have the memories, but they'll have the pics and commentaries to go along with it!!!! I just imagine that had my mama, when we were little, had all the cool technology we do now she would have been just like you. She was so creative and loved to write, as well. :) So glad you all had such a wonderful day, my friend. Up early with you on my mind and praying all goes well today. :D

mommy of 2 said...

What an awesome Easter for your family! Looked like so much fun. Love the picture of Kate smooshing the peep into her friend's mouth!

Elizabeth said...

So glad you had a good Easter with egg hunts, brunch and a nice bike ride. Thinking of you so much right now. Love the photo of the four you. It is wonderful!


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