Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Initial Radiology Report

I forgot to include the notes from the initial radiology report (from the ultrasound and MRI last Friday).

Here's the pertinent info from the ultrasound:

Cervix is normal and contains no nabothian cysts. There is a solid left vaginal mass measuring 6.6 x 4.4 x 4.4cm. This mass does not appear connected to the cervix or uterus. (then lots of measurements on reproductive organs...blah blah, retroverted uterus, everything I heard during infertility treatments). This mass has a worrisome appearance both on ultrasound and MRI.

And from the MRI:
(First it discusses the techniques used for the imaging). There is a large heterogeneous mass adjacent to the left lateral wall of the vagina. This mass appears separate from the vaginal wall, cervix, uterus and ovaries. The inferior aspect of this mass is ill-defined and infiltrates into the adjacent fat.

was I just called fat by the radiologist?

On postcontrast images, there is avid enhancement of this mass. On coronal images, this mass may be arising from the internal obturator muscles (listed on the visual below as obt int)
There is an intramural anterior wall leiomyoma (fibroid in the uterus).

(More discussion of measurements and appearance of various reproductive organs all of which appear normal) Visualized bone marrow demonstrates normal signal intensity.  Ill-defined, avidly enhancing mass is very concerning given its avid enhancement and ill-defined borders. This is possibly arising from the left obturator muscle belly. Surgical evaluation and orthopaedic oncologic consultation is recommended. The differential diagnosis includes a rhabdomyosarcoma (good lord I hope it's not that...)or other soft tissue sarcoma or less likely a gynecologic malignancy.
 So that's it. Now we wait. Let me again thank you all from the bottom of my heart for all the support, advice, words of encouragement, etc. I look forward to opening my inbox every day to get my jolt of positivity.


Unknown said...

Just remember we are in this together. It's Uter-Us, not Uter-U. (Stolen from the Simpsons)

Elizabeth said...

Wow! So much information from the doctors. How is this different from the "desmoid tumor, a fibrous aggressive fibromitosis", you posted earlier. This rhabdomyosarcoma is quite a name! Where do they get them from. I had a pheochromocytoma removed in 2006 and I thought that was a mouthful of a name! Keep thinking positive thoughts my friend.

goodiego said...

I Love following your blog. I am sending healthy, peaceful, healing thoughts your way.

Easier said than done, but always remember:
Don't waste today worrying about what may happen tomorrow.

As someone said to me upon hearing some of the worst news I ever heard regarding my own dear mother, Life IS Interesting.


Jodie said...

In the midst of the various trials you have faced thus far in your life I have come to this sweet conclusion: You are dearly loved, my friend. :)

xoxoxoxo ;)

Lisa said...

I am indeed dearly loved and have been so grateful for all the good wishes. The Simpson's quote is awesome--thanks for that!

Elizabeth--I think everything is just an educated guess at this point. Many tumor names are being tossed around, the desmoid tumor was just the latest guess. Should know a lot more after the biopsy.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa,

Just popped on the blog today to catch up with what's happening your way and saw the posts about your health.

I hope all goes well. We'll be thinking of you

Daphne, Chris, Bo, Rosalind


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