Wednesday, April 25, 2012

No news yet

Just a quick note because I know everyone is waiting along with me (which I do so appreciate!). I talked to the oncologist's nurse and she said the results are not back yet. She must have caller i.d. because she picked up right away when I called and simply said, "Hi Lisa!". She couldn't give me a definite timeline for when to expect a call but did say to call her back Friday afternoon if I hadn't heard anything. She also said it would not be unusual for it to be NEXT WEEK before I would know. What really made an impression with me though was this comment:

I will not be offended if you hound me with phone calls. I know how much you really want to know. I have you on top of the pile so I see it every day.

I have tried through this process to tell everyone who is working on me about Kate & Lucy; the circumstances surrounding their entry into our family (basically boiling down this blog into a manageable soundbite) so that they will remember me and maybe, just maybe, become invested in my case (i.e. put me on the top of the pile).

Unbeknownst to me, it worked with the head of the midwifery group where I delivered Kate. When I first met Sherri I was a few months pregnant and still startled by that fact. I told her all about my previous uterine death tolls and the horseback riding at 7 weeks. Sherri did not end up being on-call when my water broke (which was my good fortune as I finally got to meet the only midwife I had not previously met, Amy, who was the perfect person to have around when you are just a teensy bit panicked about what's happening in your girly nether regions) nor did I see her again until my 6 week postpartum checkup. That was 2+ years ago so I was more than surprised when she came in as one of the three initial people to grope my "suspicious mass" and totally remembered me. Do you know the first thing she said when I expressed my surprise?

Of course I remember you. You went horseback riding when 7 weeks pregnant!

So now three oncologists, a nurse and the entire team in the biopsy room knows Kate, Lucy, Len and our long and twisted journey to become our family of four. I feel powerless to really affect the outcome of this biopsy one way or the other. But I can control my story.


Heather H. said...

Ai ya! The waiting is awful! It's nice to know the nurse is so compassionate about your feelings. Sending lots of positive energy your way.


Jodie said...

In my experience over the last 10 years I have found nothing more comforting than to have as many people...from the nurses aid to the docs to the radiologists to the, well...you get the picture.... to be invested in me and my little family of two. Sounds as if you are in great hands, my friend. We are all continuing to stand...and to wait with you! Lots of love and hugs, my friend!!! xoxoxoxo

Lynn K said...

Your post brought me back years to when I started reading your blog. It's been years. You and your family have become part of my life. And I wait with you.

Elizabeth said...

The oncologist's nurse sounds like a very nice lady. It is a true blessing in times of crisis to have perfect strangers go to bat to do their best for you. When people hear you story, they just have to be rooting for you. Still thinking of you and sending positive thoughts your way.

ashley said...

Thinking of you......and hope you don't have to wait much longer for results. I know how hard that part is.
Your little pirates in the previous post are so adorable!

Susan said...

Scenario: Lisa calls Dr "Have you heard anything yet??" Answer: "No."
Friend calls Lisa "Have you heard anything yet??"
Answer: "No."
Repeat daily...

So, this blog is a good way to avoid that repetitive cycle.

Thank you for the post, and keep us informed.


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